European man sentenced to prison for snatching bags at DXB

A 24-year old European man has been sentenced to six months in jail and deportation for snatching luggage from trolleys at Dubai International Airport, local media reported.

According to the Sharjah-based Gulf Today, the man took a suitcase from the trolley of a Sudanese national in June before fleeing to a tent he had erected nearby.

Among the items stolen were a chequebook, with which he wrote out three cheques to himself.

In a later incident, he also took valuables, including a smartphone and wireless earphones, from an Emirati traveller, and issued two cheques in his name he obtained from a passport that he found, according to prosecutors.

In court, the suspect admitted to forgery but claimed he had been walking around the airport when he came across the bags.

Following his six month sentence, the suspect will be deported from the UAE.

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