A German Street Was Accidentally Paved in One Ton of Chocolate

The Candy Man isn’t the only one who can cover things in chocolate (and a miracle or two). Turns out, this chocolate factory in Germany found itself accidentally making its own chocolate river.

According to the Associated Press, a storage tank from the DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westöennen, Germany accidentally spilled about one ton, or 108 square feet, of chocolate on the road on Dec. 10, which then almost immediately froze and solidified.

Company boss Markus Luckey told the German news outlet Anzeiger that the spill was caused by a “small technical defect,” which would have been a “catastrophe” if it was just a little closer to Christmas, the Associated Press reported.

“Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent in Werl,” said the local fire department in a statement, according to Insider.

Fortunately, Luckey said in his statement that the company would be up and running again as soon as Wednesday. There’s no use crying over spilled chocolate, after all.

25 firefighters were tasked with prying the frozen chocolate off the road using warm water and shovels. We think it would have been easier to ask locals to just chip off as much milky chocolate goodness as they wanted (as long as they didn’t mind concrete in their sweets), but that’s just us.

Thankfully the incident didn’t happen in summer, or else the firefighters would have had a real chocolate river to grapple with. A similar chocolate disaster happened back in May in Poland, when a tanker truck spilled about 12 tons of liquid chocolate onto a highway.

At the time, senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski of Slupca, a town in western Poland, told the Associated Press that “cooling chocolate is worse than snow.” Well, that depends on how you look at the situation, right?

Honestly, we’re just sad Willy Wonka didn’t show up.

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