A perfect storm! Photos show the beauty of the world in bad weather

A perfect storm! Spellbinding photo book by ‘the pope of bad weather photography’ shows the beauty of the world when the sun isn’t shining, from rainy Scotland to wintry New York

  • Lost in the Beauty of Bad Weather showcases 170 ‘poetic’ photographs captured by Christophe Jacrot 
  • The book’s publisher says that the French photographer is ‘considered the pope of bad weather photography’ 
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‘This book is a tribute to the rain, the snow, the wind, [and] the cinematic emotions they conceal.’

So writes photographer Christophe Jacrot in the introduction to his new book Lost in the Beauty of Bad Weather, published by teNeues.

The French photographer is ‘considered the pope of bad weather photography’, the publisher reveals, with this book showcasing around 170 of his atmospheric outdoor shots. 

In the lavishly illustrated book, he tells ‘poetic photographic stories’ about the cities that ‘sink before his lens in the effects of weather phenomena such as rain showers and snow flurries’. 

The publisher continues: ‘When we look out the window and are welcomed with bad weather, we cancel plans, or hope to, and stay indoors. For Jacrot, this is when the world opens up to his lens.’   

A bubblegum pink castle in rainy Scotland, New York’s high-rises covered in snow and misty Venice are some of the scenes Jacrot has captured with his camera – scroll down to see some of his stunning images for yourself… 

This striking picture shows Hotel Belvédère – a hotel that has been closed for years – on the Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps. Jacrot notes that the hotel is ‘nestled in a serpentine curve at an altitude of 2,200m (7,217ft)’. He says: ‘I discovered it on Instagram. I even watched videos of motorcyclists filming their rides with GoPros to learn the lay of the land before embarking on the journey myself.’ He captured the shot ‘at the beginning of winter when the first snowflakes fell’ 

This retro blue cottage, buried in the snow, was captured in the town of Tasiilaq in eastern Greenland 

This enchanting photograph shows the landscape around St Coloman’s Church in Bavaria, Germany, blanketed in snow  

This eye-catching picture of Graigievar Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, was captured through a car window on a rainy day, Jacrot reveals. He writes that it can be challenging to get the shot you desire when you’re ‘crammed into the interior of a small car’, admitting it would be far easier to shoot from inside a bus with a ‘huge windshield’. He adds: ‘Also, it has to rain sufficiently to be able to get the rain effect that I seek – small or large drops? Should they drip, stream or collect in stripes? The use of wipers is an art!’

‘Of all the places in the world, this is one of my favourites,’ Jacrot writes of the Faroe Islands, above. He continues: ‘The landscape is as wild as its climate. There are more sheep there than people’

This colourful shot was captured on one of eight trips Jacrot took to Iceland over the course of his career. He writes: ‘I look for places that inspire me… I return to these places when the weather conditions are right’

This moody shot shows London, with Big Ben glowing in the distance, on a rainy night. Jacrot writes: ‘When it rains heavily, the light is unique and beautiful, but I feel that I’m the only one who notices while watching everyone else take cover’ 

A snow-dusted New York City is the subject of this magical shot by Jacrot. He writes: ‘Snowstorms in New York are most fascinating to me. It is like a clash of two great forces. The elements look like they are trying to compete with the arrogance and strength of this city’

In this stunning shot, light from the City Hall clocktower brings a warm glow to the misty streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This atmospheric shot shows Venice during the pandemic, between two lockdowns. Jacrot writes that ‘the city was deserted, [with] no tourists in sight’, aside from a few mask-wearing pedestrians on the streets in the early mornings. He says it was ‘an atmosphere like in the times of the plague’ 

This picture shows a boat sailing through choppy waters in Hong Kong. Jacrot writes that it was ‘challenging’ to find good vantage points for shooting the city in rainy weather, but that he loves ‘working with the effects of the rain’ 

This striking shot was captured in Greenland. Discussing photographing cold countries around the world, Jacrot says: ‘I discovered a blindingly white, cold, hostile nature. A frozen and chilling world… though not entirely! However small, there is always a spark of life. A splash of colour, fleeting silhouettes, birds in flight, something poetic that thaws within the beauty of this extreme climate’ 

Lost in the Beauty of Bad Weather, by Christophe Jacrot, is published by teNeues and retails at £43.85 (€65/$69.25)

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