Air-conditioned: Readers’ tips for looking your best while flying

Our Arbonne skincare competition asked for your top tips for looking good while flying. Here are some of our favourites

Always travel with an intensive serum to pop on regularly and drink plenty of water.
Diana Dobson

Water, water and more water! Facial mists are great if you want a little pick-me-up, but it’s also good to carry a small travel-sized moisturiser with you. Keep it multifunctional — use it on your face, lips and hands.
Kat Korunic

Taking wet wipes and a toothbrush in your carry on so you can freshen up
Asti Miln

Be comfortable in what clothing and shoes you choose — loose is better than tight fitting and take socks and an extra top for long-haul flights in case it gets cooler during the sleeping hours.
Sonia Wilson

If you are going through a number of international airports (and don’t have your makeup handy) get the ladies at the M.A.C stands to touch up your make up for you.
Nikki Bessette Pask

Drink heaps of water to keep your skin hydrated. My lips get dry easily so I take lip balm. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. I always have baby wipes in my bag to refresh myself.
Kelsey Alo

Apply intense moisturiser the night before you are going to fly. This will help increase hydration in your skin before you’re exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.
Rebekah Taylor

Take along a small travel pillow for your neck, to ensure you’ll be well-rested at the end of your flight.
Elizabeth McGuire

Drink water every time it is offered. Use moisturising eye drops and try not to spend all your time watching a screen! Resting your eyes even on a daytime flight will help. Use lip gloss or chapstick frequently.
Lynda Merriman

Try not to travel with small children, they’ll make sure you arrive at your destination with a vast array of stains, and they’ll fast-forward the ageing process over the duration of the flight so basically you’ll look 10 years older and in desperate need of some beautiful skincare.
Tracy Wallace

The best tip ever: Before you fly you must get your eyelashes tinted so you do not need to wear mascara. No crazy zombie-panda eyes on long-haul flights, and you won’t look tired as well!
Rochelle Quedley

Don’t drink alcohol, even if champers is on offer. This minimises dehydration and allows you to sleep better and longer. Plus it sets you up to look and feel better to enjoy the destination.
Julie Norris

Plenty of sleep and fat pants for comfort.
Sue Le Seelleur

Don’t look in the mirror, drink some alcohol and you will think you look fabulous.
Cindy Rose Morris

Take a light wrap, which can be worn as a scarf or head wrap — or as a shawl for added warmth. It can dress up any outfit and add colour to make you look great! If it’s cotton, it’s lightweight and, once off the plane, you can use it to lie on or as a sarong at the beach. Once home, you can use it as a colourful throw on your bed. So versatile!
Gina Wong

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