Amazing underwater caves that will mesmerize you

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Slide 2 of 17: Ordinskaya or the Orda caves is the largest underwater gypsum cave and the first and only underwater gypsum excursion cave in the world.
Slide 3 of 17: The surface of these caves is known to be slowly collapsing, however this process is so slow that it may not happen in our lifetime. “The Wonder Hole” which the main attraction at Chinhoyi caves is in fact a large cavern whose roof collapsed and dropped down for 150 feet into sparkling cobalt pool called “The Sleeping Pool”. Diving is possible in the caves all year round
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From deep and beautiful cenotes in Mexican to the quiet and serene Ginnie Springs in Florida, here’s a look at some of the most spectacular underwater caves that offer an amazing diving experience.

Ordinskaya, Russia

Ordinskaya or the Orda Cave is the largest underwater gypsum cave and the only one that offers underwater gypsum excursion in the world. The cave is believed to be formed about 300 million years ago. As the gypsum mineral is highly soluble in water the cave’s structure keeps changing over time, and passages are formed and blocked every day.

Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

One of the main attractions here is the Wonder Hole, a cavern with a collapsed roof, which drops to the Sleeping Pool, which has crystal clear waters. The attraction is open all year round. However, the surface of the Chinhoyi Caves is believed to be collapsing, but the process is extremely slow and may not happen anytime soon.

Chac Mool, Mexico

Poor light in this beautiful cave makes a dive quite technical for professionals. It is one of the most stunning underwater cenotes in the Maya river because of halocline (where salt and fresh meet) creating fascinating visual effects.

Green Cave, Ravnik, Vis, Croatia

The Green cave on the island of Ravnik near Vis, is a natural attraction where during the day, sunlight passes through a small hole on the vault that make the waters look green, hence the name.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The massive submarine sinkhole is one of the best scuba diving locations off the coast of Belize. The circular underwater cave is surrounded by reef and is the world’s largest natural hole in the sea.

Blue Well, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

With crystal clear waters, the cave in Chapada Diamantina National Park, is aptly named Blue Well. Its water here is so clear that during some parts of the day, swimmers appear to be floating on air.

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto, Cayman Islands

Located on the Grand Cayman in the western Caribbean sea, both the cavern systems are famous among divers as they offer stunning views of coral reefs.

Taj Mahal Cenote, Mexico

The Taj Mahal Cenote is one of the best locations for a cave dive in Mexico. Several rock sections here glow in torch light and light entering from the above is refracted by the water’s surface to create jagged laser-like beams making this one of the most spectacular diving experiences.

Dos Ojos, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

This Maya river cenote is called Dos Ojos (which means “two eyes”) because of the cenote’s two pools of water, one of which is crystal clear, while the other is dark and cavernous. Both are well kept but the dark one gets more attention for its virtually light-free snorkeling.

Nohoch Nah Chich, Mexico

This amazing submerged labyrinth is part of the Sac Actun cave system which was declared the longest underwater cave in January 2018. It is filled with ancient decorations of stalactites and stalagmites and a vast flooded cave passage to explore.

Cenote Chan Hol, Mexico

This Maya river cenote in Mexico is especially famous for the two prehistoric human fossils discovered in this cave system.

The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Canada

Known for its bright blue colored waters, the Grotto in Canada is lit by an underwater light passage which makes it appear as a luminescent water body.

Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA

Gennie Springs was listed as America’s most scenic swimming holes by Country Living Magazine. One of the clearest and most stunning springs in Florida, Ginnie Springs is located on a privately-owned campground.

Chandelier Cave, Palau

The cave is named such as the surface within the chambers of the cave has glittering stalactites and stalagmite formations that resemble glittering chandeliers.

First Cathedral, Maui, Hawaii

The First Cathedral is a underwater lava tube that is made of tunnels, ridges and passageways. Sunlight that enters the cave creates a spotlight affect within the cavern.

Cenote Zapote, Mexico

Known as Hell’s Bell, this stunning Mexican Maya river cenote is famous for its unique formations that looks like bells. Also called elephant feet, shower heads or trumpet, by locals, the real reason behind these strange formations are unknown, but their beauty and size are sure to impress everyone.

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