Best city to relocate to for warm weather ‘absolutely wonderful’

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A study by analysed a number of cities in different countries around the world based on their annual temperature to reveal the best cities to relocate to for warmer weather for those “looking to escape the British winter”.

Dubai, in the UAE, with an average annual temperature of 28.2°C, was named the best city to relocate to for the warmer weather.

Due to its desert location, Dubai enjoys sunny blue skies right through the year with slightly cooler winters.

Dubai is a very popular holiday destination among Britons and it is estimated 240,000 British nationals are already settled in the city.

The second best city location to relocate to for the warmer weather is Abu Dhabi, also in the United Arab Emirates.

With an average temperature of 27.9°C, the city also benefits from a desert climate seeing blue skies all year round.

The third best city to relocate to for the warmer weather is Bangkok, in Thailand, with an annual average temperature of 27.7°C.

Although Britons who move to Thailand will enjoy a tropical climate, they will also see quite a lot of rainfall throughout the year.

Thailand is a very popular expat destination due to its affordable cost of living and an estimated 55,000 British expats currently live in the country.

Bangkok was followed by Doha, Singapore and Miami, in the United States. Miami has “great beaches” according to visitors on Tripadvisor.

Rayniestarr said about South Beach: “One the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. White sand, warm clean water. Lifeguard stations.”

Others said the city is “clean” and an “absolutely wonderful” spot to live. Another visitor explained: “Steps away from the beach, such a nice relaxing spot. Perfect.”

One of the most popular areas for dinner is Española Way, a picturesque historic street between 14th and 15th street in Miami Beach.

A traveller recommended the spot: “Cute little place for dinner. Española Way is a beautiful little spot to visit. Such a cute little street with amazing restaurants. A definite must-go when visiting Miami Beach.”

The study also found the best relocation destination overall is San Francisco, with a score of 7.76.

Abu Dhabi, also in the UAE, is the relocation destination with the lowest amount of average annual rainfall at 42mm.

According to the study, the best destination for job opportunities is Atlanta with 65,781 listings per 100,000 people.

The top 10 cities to relocate to for warmer weather:


Abu Dhabi






Hong Kong



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