British Airways hand luggage policy – requirements for cabin bags

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Many British tourists choose to travel with the UK flag carrier, British Airways. There are some restrictions of what bags can be taken on.

British Airways customers are allowed to take one small personal bag and one additional cabin bag.

The personal bag could be a handbag or a laptop bag and can weigh a maximum of 23kg and be up to 40x30x15cm in dimensions.

Customers can also bring an additional cabin bag which can weigh a maximum of 23kg with dimensions of 56x45x25cm.

British Airways states: “Your smaller handbag or laptop-sized bag is guaranteed to travel in the cabin as hand baggage.

“On busy flights, you may be asked to check in your larger cabin bag. Make sure your travel documents, valuables and other essentials, such as spare device batteries and power packs, are carried in your smaller bag.

“We suggest you clearly label all your bags, inside and out, with your name and contact details.”

BA customers may need to put their larger cabin bag in the hold if the plane is particularly busy.

The airline guarantees that every passenger will be able to take their smaller piece of hand luggage onboard.

British Airways customers with checked baggage will need to make sure it weighs less than 23kg.

A checked bag on British Airways can be 90x75x43cm. If a checked bag weighs more than 23kg, passengers will need to pay a heavy bag charge.

BA passengers will need to pay £65 per overweight bag for each journey and bags weighing over 32kg will not be accepted.

If passengers need extra luggage allowance, it is usually cheaper to pre book online rather than attempt to pay at the airport.

Passengers can bring sports equipment in their hand or checked luggage for free if it fits and isn’t restricted.

If passengers have concerns about a sports item, they can contact British Airways in advance to check regulations.

All airport purchases will be counted as an item of hand luggage on British Airways so passengers should check items fit within their allowance.

If customers have already used their free checked bag allowance, they may need to pay for extra bags in the hold.

BA also states that passengers must be able to lift their cabin bag into the overhead lockers by themselves.

Smaller cabin bags should be placed under the seat in front while larger bags can go in the lockers.

BA passengers may be subject to different baggage allowances if they are travelling on one of British Airways partner airlines.

British Airways passengers should check the latest luggage restrictions on the airline’s website before travel.

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