British expats could live in Bali for just £111,000

Bali: Woman squats next to people making a daily offering

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Bali in Indonesia is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With stunning beaches, a warm climate and delicious cuisine, the island has a lot of attractive qualities for expats.

Under a new scheme, foreigners with at least two billion Indonesian rupiah (just under £111,000) can apply for a ‘second home visa’.

The visa will offer expats the chance to make the stunning island their home for up to a decade.

According to Bloomberg, the new scheme will become available later this year on December 25.

Indonesia is looking to attract digital nomads to Bali following a difficult few years during the pandemic.

Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s tourism minister, previously said: “In the past, the ‘three S’s were sun, sea and sand.

“We’re moving it to serenity, spirituality and sustainability. This way we’re getting better quality and better impact on the local economy.”

In July 2022, almost 250,000 tourists visited Bali as tourism picked up again following the pandemic.

Most popular with Australians, the tropical island is also a favourite of Brits, Americans and French.

Top tourist attractions in Bali include the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and imposing Mount Batur.

An active volcano, Mount Batur takes around two hours to climb but the incredible views from the top are worth it.

Bali also has a buzzing art scene and visitors will be able to admire street art in the Canggu area.

The Indonesian island is known for its relaxed pace of life and some Britons will have to learn to slow down.

Bali already has a sizable expat community in popular areas such as Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu.

Canggu is popular with digital nomads and backpackers and has plenty of top partying spots.

Ubud is perfect for yoga fans and those looking to follow a healthy lifestyle with plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Many expats choose to get around the pretty island on a scooter which can be bought or rented.

While Bali is generally cheaper than the UK, the tourist destination is more expensive than other Asian hotspots such as Thailand or the Philippines.

Balinese is the main language in Bali although the majority of residents also speak Indonesian.

English is widely spoken in Bali so expats shouldn’t find it too difficult to integrate with the community.

Bali is generally considered a safe destination where violent crime is rare but pickpocketing is fairly common.

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