Britons will need booster jab for international travel in major change to holidays

Boris Johnson discusses booster jabs for international travel

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The Prime Minister was asked whether third jabs would soon be required for international travel. France has recently changed its rules and will require over 65s to have a booster jab from mid December.

Johnson said: “We will be making plans to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid travel pass but again what the general lesson is for anybody who wants to travel is you can see that getting fully vaccinated with a booster is going to be something that on the whole will make your life easier in all kinds of ways including for foreign travel.

“So I would just say if you’re thinking about that then this is yet another reason to get it done.”

Johnson said: “Let me explain why that booster is absolutely crucial, because over time the protection from two jabs starts to wane but that third jab boots protection back up to over 90 percent against infection.

“So far around 12.6 million people around the UK have had that booster, including in England, around three quarters of all people over 70 and 80 percent of eligible older people in care homes.

“But many more people who are eligible have not yet come forward and so if you are one of those people, please go and get that third jab because it would be an utter tragedy if after everything we’ve been through, people who had done the right thing by getting double vaccinated ended up becoming seriously ill or even losing their lives because they allowed their immunity to wane by not getting their booster.

“And if you haven’t had one dose, it’s not too late, in fact there’s never been a better time to get that.”

British tourists will need to take a lateral test on or before day two after arrival in the UK after a holiday.

No countries are currently on the UK travel red list although the Government has said the list remains an option.

British travellers should check the UK Government website before travelling abroad on holiday.

The UK update comes as France is set to ban over 65s without a booster jab from venues. 

From 15 December, those over 65 in France will need to prove they have had a booster for the French health pass. 

The health pass is required to enter many indoor venues including restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. 

if over 65s are do not have the booster jab, they will need to take regular Covid tests to qualify for a health pass. 

Macron said: “From 15 December, you will need to provide proof of a booster jab to extend the validity of your health pass.” 

France has seen many street protests since the move was announced. 

It is thought that many other countries could soon require international tourists to have a booster jab. 

Croatia, Israel and Austria have both set expiry dates on vaccination which means some UK tourists could be banned if they have not a booster. 

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