Brits realise they’ve accidentally taken neighbour’s cat 350 miles from home

A caravan holiday can be a relaxing way to enjoy some time away from your home and neighbours – except for when one stows away on board that is. A couple recently discovered that their neighbour's cat had snuck into their portable holiday home for a whipping 350miles.

Janet and Paul Atkinson drove south in their caravan heading from from Horncastle in Lincolnshire all the way to south Devon to enjoy the sun, sand and sea of the beautiful southern county. However, for the entire drive down they didn't notice the furry friend who had snuck into the trailer.

Bonnie, a black and white moggie, had at some point got inside the caravan among the Atkinsons' things. The adorable kitty only revealed itself after they returned from dinner at a local restaurant to the mewing little stowaway.

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After recognising Bonnie 'straight away' from their neighbourgood, the couple soon realised what had happened. Worried about the cat escaping from their caravan before they returned home, they decided to arrange for her to have a short holiday of her own. Bonnie has since been staying at facilities run by local charity Animals in Distress, where photos show she has settled in happily and is well taken care of while on her trip away from home.

Janet said: "We recognised the cat straight away as a cat from our local village. I took a photo and shared it on our local community group back home. We found out that the cat – called Bonnie – belonged to our neighbour Stephanie. We didn’t think we could keep Bonnie in the caravan with us all week in case he escaped, so I spent the next day ringing around all the local boarding catteries to find him a safe place for the week. But none of them were able to house him as he was not up to date with his vaccinations.

"Thankfully, when I rang Animals in Distress they were able to take him as an emergency boarder for the week. We think Bonnie had as much of a lovely holiday in Devon as we did! When we picked him up at the end of the week to take him back home, his fur was gleaming. It was a nice outcome to what could have been a very stressful situation for us."

Bonnie has since made the journey back to Lincolnshire with the couple and been returned home to her owner safe and sound. Thankfully, the cat seems unaffected by its dramatic escape from its home town!

His owner, Stephanie, said: "We think Bonnie had a really lovely holiday in Devon. He must have enjoyed the peace and quiet away from the dogs. When he got home he went first of all to say hello to his brother Clyde, before going out to check his kingdom was all still as he’d left it. After that he came back and went to sleep looking very pleased with himself. He’s been on his holidays, even though we haven’t. He has settled right back in, and we are just so glad to have got him back."

Lisa Saunders, cattery manager at Animals in Distress, said Bonnie spent "a lovely week in his luxury pen in our cattery, being spoilt by the team". But, Bonnie isn't the only cat to have been discovered where they shouldn't be – it seems our feline friends are all Houdinis!

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