Brits share best ‘hidden gem’ UK beaches – with white sand and bright blue water

The UK is filled with wonderful places to fill up a staycation weekend away.

There are vibrant cities like Manchester and York to get stuck into shows, dinners out and museums.

Plus, areas of outstanding national beauty like the Lake District and the Cotswolds.

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But, sadly one thing we’re not best known for is our beaches.

On social media plenty of tourists claim that British beaches are pebbly and the water murky brown – which is often not an incorrect statement.

However, one keen tourist took to Twitter to ask about Britain’s best beaches.

The answers show that our nation is covered in stunning sandy bays with glittering water from the warm climes of Cornwall to the icy beauty of the Hebrides.

You might just be surprised at the gorgeous beaches right on your doorstep…

Laura Woods, @laura_woodsy, a sports presenter in London, asked her followers: “Where are the best beaches in Britain?

“Like very quiet, hidden gem type ones.”

She added that she was “thinking of doing a little tour” and quickly received hundreds of recommendations with glorious photos to demonstrate the beaches’ beauty.

Many were in the mainland UK’s most southernly area – Cornwall.

Known for its warmer weather, blue waters and sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that Cornwall was top of the list for many Brits.

One tweet said: “Pedn Vounder, right down on the very southern tip of Cornwall.

“Quite an effort to hike down to it, but worth it.”

Another added: “Tintagel, Cornwall. It's like another world.”

Other suggestions included “Nanjizal Cove” and “Pendeen Cornwall”.

There were also plenty of suggestions for beaches in the UK’s most Northern nation – Scotland.

One commenter said: “Bay of Skaill, Orkney.

“My favourite beach on the planet!

“And the fact that I'm nearly 700 miles away from it makes me very sad…”

“Not so much of a beech mate, but Otters Pool, Raiders Roa, Scotland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been,” another noted alongside a photo of the babbling river.

“Luskentyre, Isle of Harris,” another said with a snap of a white sand beach with turquoise waters.

Wales had some great choices too.

One person wrote: “Pobbles beach Swansea.

“Also Tor Bay and Barfundle Bay!”

Areas of England such as Dorset, Devon, Northumberalnd and more were brought up in the search for the best beaches.

Plus, many shared the glorious photos they'd taken while walking on the sands.

In response to some Laura said: "Crazy that’s Britain."

She also added: "I’ve decided I'm going to split my trip up and do 4 days around Northumberland first! So many to pick from now."

Check out their recommendations below…

  • Luskentyre, Isle of Harris
  • Tintagel Haven, Cornwall
  • Broad Haven, South Wales
  • Otters Pool, Scotland
  • Bay of Skaill, Orkney
  • Pobbles beach, Swansea
  • Alnmouth, Northumberland
  • Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • Pendeen, Cornwall
  • Pedn Vounder, Cornwall
  • Nanjizal Cove, Cornwall
  • Tor Bay, Wales
  • Barfundle Bay, Wales
  • Salcombe, Devon
  • Cennabienne Beach, Scotland
  • Durdle door, Dorset


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