Cabin crew make planes cold on purpose – it can make passengers feel better

Although jetting off to a hot country is amazing, sometimes the journey getting there can be a bit nippy.

Many of us may have felt quite cold while travelling on a plane – but it turns out there's a reason why it has to be cool.

A flight attendant recently revealed why the cabin can often be cold while travelling.

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Flight attendant Kristie Koerbel told the New York Times: "Here is a flight attendant secret – we sometimes keep the airplane cold intentionally.

"For people who struggle with airsickness, heat makes it worse. We don’t want anyone to use those sick sacks."

According to experts, ensuring temperatures are low can also work to prevent people from passing out.

Research by ASTM International discovered that passengers can faint more easily while flying as a result of a medical condition referred to as hypoxia.

Fainting happens when the body tissue is deprived of oxygen, and this can be made worse due to high cabin pressure and warm temperatures.

To try and reduce the number of potential incidents, airlines made the decision to cool their cabins after take-off.

It's said hypoxia can even lead to plane crashes as, back in 2005, a flight travelling from Cyprus to Greece lost cabin pressure, which resulted in the crew passing out.

Eventually the plan crashed and everyone on board died.

Heidi Ferguson, who has worked as a flight attendant for 20 years, also confirmed that some plane seats get colder than others.

She told Best Life: "The coldest seats on the plane are window seats.

"The vent system is right above the windows, and the air temperature is cranked down super low on most flights."

But, if you are ever sat under the vents, she said there's a way you can stay warm.

She added: "I bring a pack of tissues with me and shove them in the vents for a far more comfortable experience. Just don't forget to take them out when you leave."

It's also advised that, if you want to stay warm, you should try and stay away from the exit rows, as they can feel a lot cooler too.


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