‘Captivating’ hotspot is this year’s most popular autumn holiday destination

Dreaming of escaping the UK for an autumn break? Luckily the travel pro team at loveholidays has rounded up this year’s top autumn holiday destinations for any Brits looking to get away.

The team looked at average temperatures, rainfall and prices for accommodation and flights to find the best options for Britons this autumn.

Puglia, a southern Italian region which forms the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’, topped the rankings as this year’s best autumn holiday destination.

The diverse region has pretty whitewashed hill towns, a vast coastline and Baroque architecture. It’s under a three hour flight to Bari, Puglia’s capital, from the UK.

Otranto, a coastal town, is one of Puglia’s top destinations and is known for 11th century Otranto Cathedral and gorgeous beaches.

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‘Nikki K’, a tourist from Brighton, wrote on Tripadvisor: “Otranto is a captivating town located in the stunning region. With picturesque corners and hidden gems at every turn, the town created an undeniable allure.”

‘David L’ said: “Great place to walk around seeing shops, restaurants, bars and a beautiful castle. Walking areas along the water at night is wonderful.”

According to loveholidays, the average price of a package holiday per person per night is £54 while the lowest autumn temperature is 11 degrees.

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Britons won’t break the bank in Puglia with the price of a hot drink in a local cafe coming in at just £1.34.

Al Murray, chief marketing officer at loveholidays, said: “When autumn falls, many of us are drawn outdoors to savour the best of the season. With the UK weather known to be so unpredictable, especially during these wetter months, there is a great choice of destinations offering the best of autumn while guaranteeing the ideal conditions for exploring.

“For Brits seeking an autumnal getaway without breaking the bank, several short-haul and long-haul destinations provide excellent value for money and great local experiences.”

Best autumn holiday destinations

  1. Puglia, Italy
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Warsaw, Poland
  4. Bratislava, Slovakia
  5. Durres, Albania
  6. Thessaloniki, Greece
  7. Lyon, France
  8. Bangkok, Thailand
  9. Sicily, Italy
  10. Beijing, China

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