Cheeky passenger claims they got flight refund by pretending to be a clown

An Australian holidaymaker used a cheeky tactic to try and get a refund on their flight.

The passenger received an email about their Darwin to Adelaide flight in November that stated the time had been changed by five minutes.

However, the customer had already realised that they weren’t actually going to catch the flight leg anyway due to unrelated reasons.

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They quickly hatched a plot to get a refund for the flight due to the change in times.

When they got in touch with the airline, the chancer was reportedly told that they could either accept the new time or be reimbursed – but they needed to provide proof as to why they wanted a refund.

The customer wrote on social media: "I didn’t expect them to ask for proof which I thought was a bit jack considering they were the ones making the changes."

The cheeky passenger went on to provide a prank letter from a clown company claiming the person was on a "tight schedule" and was their "best clown".

For this reason, they stated, they would not make the flight because of the five minute difference.

A letter with a clown logo at the top claimed to be a "valid document created by clowns are us company".

The trolling author claimed that they added the validity claim after their first letter from the bogus company was rejected because it was not a "valid document".

On Reddit, the email said: "To whom it may concern. This letter is to inform (airline) that a refund will be required for the flight [number] on the [date] of November for [name] (our best clown) as our clown show in Darwin and Adelaide are at very specific times as seen below.”

They stated that their clown would be at the Darwin School Clown Show from 8am to 10am and would then be at the Adelaide School Clown Show from 2.35pm to 11pm on a date in November.

The letter stated: "This flight change will affect business as you can see our schedule is very tight so we are now required to book with a different company."

The email was signed off as 'Bilbo Daggins' – the 'chief clown' at 'clowns are us company'.

Despite having a laugh at the process the prankster did claim they received their refund.

They commented: "Prior to contacting them I was unaware of what the changes to the flight were. I found out that the flight had only changed by five minutes.

"Seeing as I was never going to make the flight I figured I might as well try to get a refund."

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Over 5,000 people liked the cheeky Reddit post and hundreds commented on it.

One person said: "I bet the administrator who received this knows the letter is bulls**t, but doesn't care and had a laugh.

"Evidence was supplied so they got their justification for approving the refund."

"You should've asked THEM for proof why they couldn't stick to the original schedule," added another.

While a third noted: "This is legendary".

Some questioned why he needed proof to get his money back.

And, an 'in the know' individual wrote: "It's likely in the terms and conditions that they can change your flight and they don't have to provide a refund unless you can print that you can't make the new flight."


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