Cornwall and Devon residents told to cut down on baths to save water for tourists

Common Octopus filmed as numbers boom in Cornwall

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Cornwall and Devon are some of the UK’s most popular staycation spots. South West Water has urged residents to cut down on water usage to save water for tourists.

It said it wants people to try to save five litres of water per day to help the region maintain reservoir levels.

South West Water said soaring temperatures, rising visitor numbers and more people moving to the area were the cause of water issues.

A spokesperson said: “We closely monitor our reservoirs all-year round to ensure we have enough water for all our customers and up to 10 million additional users as people come to enjoy the beautiful South West over the summer months.

“We always ask customers to think about their water usage to not just help save water but also help keep bills down.

“On average, a person uses 150 litres of water a day, and if every one of our customers saved just five litres a day, that would total 10 million litres saved.”

During summer, there are often around 200,000 holidaymakers in Cornwall each day.

The company has suggested that people turn the taps off while they are brushing their teeth and water plants during the morning or evening.

Watering plants at the start and end of the day mean the water will take longer to evaporate from the garden.

Residents can also try using a water butt to collect rainwater which could fill up 300 times per year.

Lawns also often have a very quick recovery time so even if they become dry during hot weather they will become lush again after rain.

Residents are also advised to have a shower instead of a bath to help save water.

While Cornwall is one of the UK’s most popular staycation destinations, the tourism industry is not without issues.

Many residents have complained that the influx of visitors has forced local people to move out of the area.

An increase in the number of second home owners and holiday lets has pushed house prices up in Cornwall.

Visit Cornwall has plans to introduce a new registration system for Airbnb and holiday let owners.

This would require accommodation owners to meet certain standards and comply with rules.

Although the lifting of travel restrictions worldwide has encouraged people to holiday abroad, travel chaos at airports has put some people off.

Passengers have faced lengthy delays, cancellations and lost luggage during chaotic scenes in recent weeks.

Strike action in Spain from Ryanair and easyJet crew could also cause disruption during the summer.

Cabin crew are striking over pay and working conditions and no resolution has been reached.

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