Couple renew wedding vows with bargain deal on Cyprus beach for just £9.99

A gorgeous married couple who wanted to renew their vows to one another abroad did so for just £9.99, reports the Mirror. The pair first walked down the aisle 10 years ago – but thought it would be too expensive to do again.

Luckily, Liz and Ryan Wilkinson bagged a bargain and were able to renew their promises to one another for under a tenner due to a cheap holiday add-on. The couple have two children who they wanted to get involved in the day but knew in the UK they’d have to spend hundreds for the experience.

This summer, Liz and Ryan, from Burnley, instead headed to Cyprus where they re-tied the knot in front of their boys by the sea. Liz, 35, and Ryan, 38, were the first couple to say, ‘I still do’ in Cyprus through a bargain holiday add-on.

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Travel firm On the Beach is giving loved up couples the chance to renew their vows in paradise for just under a tenner, to guests who stay at the Coral Beach Resort Hotel in Paphos.

On August 25, their tenth wedding anniversary, they tried out the budget Coral Beach offer. Sons George, five, and Oliver, 14, were both there to cheer mum and dad on.

"At our first wedding, we had our eldest there; he was only four at the time. George our youngest has always asked why he wasn't there for our first wedding, and that was the driving force behind us deciding to go for it," Liz said.

"It felt so fulfilling to have him there for our renewal, and wonderful to involve them both. George had so many questions about what he had to do, and it was adorable to see his curiosity."

The couple found that renewing their vows last month felt different from the first time around. Liz continued: We were more self-assured and excited rather than nervous like the first-time round. We're older and wiser now."

"He was really chilled about it. This time, it was nice for him to understand the promises we were making as a family, not just as a couple," Liz continued.

The mum claims the intimate ceremony was a charming event for the family of four. At home, Liz’s mum dressed their dog Willow up as a bridesmaid and FaceTimed the pair.

"We’ve been wanting to renew our vows for some time, but with the cost of everything increasing, we never imagined it would be possible,” said Liz, who wouldn't have prioritised an expensive renewal service during the cost-of-living crisis.

"But then we heard we could do it for £9.99 with Coral Beach Resort Hotel. It was a no-brainer and even more ‘magical’ the second time round. It was such a beautiful location, and we had time before with the ceremony planner go throw what we wanted to say to each other.

"We told her all about our story so she could get to know us and deliver such a personalised service on the day which was incredible. For us, renewing our vows wasn’t just about celebrating a decade of togetherness, but also solidified a bond that unites us as a family."

Zoe Harris, chief customer officer for On the Beach, said: "Celebrating love and unity should never be costly, especially during these uncertain times."

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