Dad says he always uses pram hack to make airport security go faster

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  • A dad has revealed the simple solution he's found for parents who want to skip the dreaded airport security queues – and you won't need to spend any extra money.

    Luke Gallimore, regularly takes his two children on holidays and has picked up a few easy hacks along the way. "Always make lists of what you need and tick off as you pack," he recommends. "Our boys love their devices, so we make sure we have enough films for them downloaded for the flight, so you don’t need to worry if there is dodgy or non-existent Wi-Fi."

    As for skipping airport queues? Your pram could be the answer. He suggests: "Also, if you have a buggy take it with you, in our experience, you’ll get through security faster."

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    It seems that travel insiders agree. Iona Wark, Senior Holiday Product Manager at loveholidays added: "At certain airports, you can breeze through security if your child is in a pushchair. For example, at Manchester Airport, you can use the free fast lane and Gatwick Airport has dedicated family lanes for children in pushchairs. Research the guidelines ahead of booking to manage time expectations."

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    It's also worth noting that airlines including easyJet, Ryanair, British Airways and TUI all accept pushchairs onboard for free, as an extra alongside their usual hand luggage allowance. However, make sure that your buggy meets their requirements. For example, British Airways specifies that it must be a single piece, slimline, fully collapsible pushchair. Usually, airlines will take your pushchair and store it in the hold free of charge, so keep this in mind before you head to the plane from the gate, in case you need to remove any extra items.

    Luke's not the only parent to have shared his top tips for fellow travellers. Earlier this year, one mum-of-seven shared her packing hacks for travelling with kids. Jen Hogan suggested not only packing light but also getting your children a backpack full of fun activities for the journey.

    She explained: "Include lots of things to distract them en route to your destination. Snacks, colouring books and crayons, books and mini travel games are all great. Or download movies or favourite programmes ahead of travelling to family devices. But don’t forget the earphones or headphones – your fellow passengers won’t thank you if you leave them behind."

    She also suggested that parents bring travel pillows for early or late flights to help children get some sleep, and to pack some sweets to help stop ears from popping. (In fact, one nurse previously revealed a strange but clever trick for helping with the pressure).

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