easyJet issues flight warning of ‘delays’ and ‘disruptions’

easyJet has issued a flight warning for passengers travelling to and from Italy as they could face “delays” and “disruption”.

An airline spokesperson said: “We have been advised of a national strike in Italy on Friday, September 29 which may affect critical areas in the airport including ground handling services.

“We expect that there may be delays and some disruption due to the industrial action, therefore we advise all customers to check the status of their flight on our Flight Tracker, mobile app or website.

“Although this situation is out of our control, we would like to apologise to any affected passengers for the inconvenience caused.”

The airline added that affected passengers would be contacted directly via email or text message.

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Passengers who booked through a third party are advised to contact the company they booked with.

Baggage handlers in Italy are protesting over salaries and working hours. Public transport workers were also due to strike but action has been limited to four hours by the Government.

Passengers should check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport but their airline should contact them if they are affected.

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Tourists travelling to and from London Gatwick Airport also faced disruption this week due to air traffic control chaos.

Staff sickness meant the airport had to ask airlines to cancel a number of flights. It’s estimated around 8,000 passengers were affected.

Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary said that the UK ATC network was “by far and away the least productive, most inefficient of the European ATCs” at a press conference following the chaos.

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O’Leary claimed he didn’t believe this week’s chaos was caused by staff sickness and blamed “mismanagement”.

Tourists with a cancelled flight are entitled to another flight to their destination if one is available.

This is the case even if the only available flight is on a rival airline.

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