easyJet issues travel warning for British tourists

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The budget airline advised passengers that baggage reclaim may be “busier”. easyJet said that travellers could be affected by Border Force and train strikes.

An airline spokesperson said: “On February 1 strikes are taking place in the UK that may affect your journey.

“If you are due to fly to or from the UK on this day, here’s our advice to help you prepare and make your trip as easy as possible.”

Passengers arriving in the UK are most likely to be affected by the Border Force strikes on February 1.

An easyJet spokesperson said: “When you arrive passport queues may be longer than usual. The airport and Government are working hard to make your arrival as smooth as possible but please make sure you have what you need to make the wait easier such as charged phones and any essential medication.

“If you’re usually able to travel with either an ID or a passport, we’d recommend that you bring your passport as these can be used at any airport with eGates in place and will help to speed up your journey.

“If you’re travelling with hold luggage, please label it carefully and add something to make it distinctive, as the baggage reclaim area may be busier if there are delays at the border.

“If you or anyone you’re travelling with have additional mobility needs, or a disability that means you may need extra assistance when you travel, please let us know in advance of your date of travel by contacting our Special Assistance Team and we’ll be happy to help.

“Finally please continue to check Flight Tracker, available on the easyJet Mobile App or website for the latest information about your flight.”

Members of the Public and Commercial Service (PCS) union, are taking part in what they say will be the “largest civil service strike for years”.

Industrial action will start on February 1 and last until 7am the following morning, in the strikes which will affect several major airports and ports.

The Home Office and Border Force have advised travellers to prepare for disruption if they are arriving in the UK.

Passengers are advised to use the e-gates where possible, although children under the age of 12 are not allowed.

Tourists should also remove hats and sunglasses before attempting to pass through the e-gates.

Border Force workers previously went on strike in December around the Christmas period.

There was minimal disruption to travellers during those strikes although union members said the lack of staff could have meant critical traveller checks weren’t carried out.

The Government said: “Our number one priority is to keep our borders safe and secure, and we will never compromise on this.”

The budget airline also advised passengers to plan their journey ahead of time due to train strikes this week.

A spokesperson said: “On February 1 and 3, strikes are also due to take place on the UK rail network. Some train services may be running or only running a limited service.

“Please plan your journey to and from the airport in advance. If you are departing from the UK please allow plenty of time to reach the airport.”

Passengers may need to allow more time for their journey as train strikes are likely to cause chaos on the network.

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