Emily Ratajkowski make-up artist’s travel tips to stay fresh-faced on flights

Celebrities jet all over the world on glamorous holidays and leave the aircraft looking fresh-faced and glowing. So, why is it that when we come home our skin is often out of balance and we look dishevelled as we get off the plane?

Well, it’s because they’re following the travel hacks of their skin savvy advisors.

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Celebrity makeup artist Naoko Scintu – who has worked with the likes of Daisy Edgar-Jones, Emily Ratajkowski and Camila Mendes – has collaborated with American Airlines to share her top tips for staying fresh faces at 35,000ft,

Naoko has had plenty of practice advising her clients on the best ways to keep on top of their beauty regimes while travelling across the Atlantic and beyond, ensuring they land feeling red-carpet-ready.

So, give them a try and come home from your holidays looking totally refreshed:

Keep your skin hydrated

The cabin air can sometimes be drying to your skin, so there are a few ways to help offset this.

Look for a toner that contains amino acids and natural emollients to support the retention of moisture and pat this on your face and neck as the first layer of hydration.

Spritz away

A travel-sized face and body mist will become your best friend on a flight.

Throughout your time in the sky, spray your skin with a mist for a hit of additional hydration.

The best spritzes are packed with orange blossom, rose and sage to help purify and tone, to keep you feeling like a million dollars.

Keep on rolling

Invest in a great eye essence, especially one with a metal roller to provide a cooling relief to your eyes.

A great step right before you don your eye mask for your Transatlantic snooze.

Seeing red

Alongside packing your favourite headphones, your smartphone and possibly your e-reader, this is the next hottest piece of tech for your travels – a red light wand.

Red light therapy refreshes your skin, can help with blemishes/acne and if you take time to do this while flying, you’ll arrive at your destination with the Hollywood glow!

Mask it up

Popping a hair mask in, especially one that adds elasticity, will help to repair and strengthen your hair, while also adding a protective layer to keep it hydrated.

Get lippy

Pick up a nourishing lip balm for your travels and reapply throughout your flight, particularly after you’ve had any food or drink.

Hydration sachets

Grab some hydration sachets to pop into your water bottle.

The added vitamins and minerals will help offset any of the affects you might feel from flying – but most importantly, it provides hydration for your skin, hair, nails, and brain so you’ll be ready to take on the red carpet, the minute you land.

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Naoko put together the list for American Airlines, which is celebrating its partnership with the 66th BFI London Film Festival.

  • American Airlines now flies to over 11 transatlantic destinations, including New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Los Angeles.
  • The London Film Festival runs from 5 to 16 October.
  • Head to whatson.bfi.org.uk to find out more.


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