Enraged woman gets ‘revenge’ on passengers who recline their seat on plane

A woman shocked internet users after explaining she took revenge on plane passengers who recline their seats all the way back.

We’ve all been there on a flight when the person in front of us launches their seat back so that they can lay down.

If you’re on a long-haul flight you might not mind as you plan to do the same and catch 40 winks.

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However, if you were planning on watching a film or enjoying a hot drink it can be annoying as it moves your TV and tray into an uncomfortable position.

Usually there’s nothing you can do about the situation – but this woman has a tactic.

A frequent flyer named Fiona rang into an Australian radio station to share her thoughts.

Apparently, she takes a particular form of revenge on those who recline.

Fiona commented: "When you're flying economy, and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their chair all the way back…

“You know the air con vents in the top, so you can swivel them around – I swivel it right on their face and put it on full blast."

Harsh, if the person is sleeping the cold air may just wake them up.

Or, it might just make them chilly or give them dry eyes.

The presenters on the show, Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, said that Fiona had “outdone herself”.

They shared a clip of the conversation on Instagram where members of the public weighed in.

“You pay for a seat and it reclines, I’m doing it,” said one commenter. “It not rude it’s just what you have paid for and it Is ECONOMY.”

Another added: “It’s rude to recline the plane chair that I paid for??? This is news to me.”

A third wrote: “If you're sitting in your seat, just doing your thing, how does the reclined seat bother you?

“They probably go back two inches.

“If you want to sit upright (prob's good for all our spines these hunched over our devices days), why does losing two inches stress us out so much?”

But, others agreed with Fiona and claimed to hate it when people reclined.

One person replied and said: “Those two inches make sitting impossible when you’re 6’ tall.

“I barely fit my long legs in the seat in the first place.

“So when someone reclines my knees literally end up bruised. I never recline out of respect for the person behind me.

“Even if they are average height. Especially if they are tall.

“It’s not hard to be considerate to others when in public.”

Another added: “Airlines fault for squeezing in too many seats.”

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