Escape the Cold in These ‘Harry Potter’ and Astrology-themed Igloos by the Beach

The winter months are closing in fast, and there’s only one thing you can do about it: Seek shelter. But, this season, instead of opting for any old accommodation why not spend a little time inside an ultra-luxurious multisensory igloo instead?

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Gurney’s Montauk and Gurney’s Newport are erecting several themed igloos for the chilly months at their respective properties. Each tiny hut will come with its own unique design, activities, warm blankets to stay cozy, a few delicious treats, and even its own thematic music playing inside.

the dome of a building: Courtesy of Gurney's Resorts

For example, the Astrology igloo at Gurney’s Montauk comes complete with tarot cards and instructions, along with a “crystal ball” for photo ops and fortune-telling. Not into seeing your own future? Go enjoy a bit of entertainment in the Harry Potter igloo, which comes with its own potions, wands, and movie soundtrack playing instead.

At Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa, the igloos will be available from now through March 1. The igloos will be available seven days a week, but guests will have to make a reservation to hang out in one each weekend. Inside, the igloos will also come with a bell to alert servers to bring food or drinks from the resort’s restaurant, Tillie’s. The seven themed igloos include: Santa’s Workshop; Log Cabin; Astrology; Astronomy; Harry Potter; Après Ski; and Tropical Summer.

Courtesy of Gurney's Resorts

At Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina, the igloos will be available from now through Feb. 29. Though it will have just three igloos it will be just as adorable. The themes include Santa’s Workshop, Astrology, and Tropical Summer.

a chair sitting in front of a building: Courtesy of Gurney's Resorts

And, perhaps the best part is, all igloos across both properties are completely clear so you can stay warm and entertained while taking in the breathtaking water views from each property. Each igloo can fit up to eight people at a time for up to two hours. The igloos cost $25 per person. All proceeds at Gurney’s Montauk will go to Make-a-Wish Foundation and all proceeds at Gurney’s Newport will go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Rhode Island.

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