Expats: Cheapest city in the US with the best weather named – ‘It’s perfect’

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New research by PropertyShark revealed the cheapest city to live in the United States with the best weather.

The study took into consideration the cities with over 150,000 residents, the cost of housing and the climate.

Charlotte, in North Carolina, came first as the spot with the most affordable housing, moderate cost of living and best weather.

The beautiful city of Charlotte has an average temperature of 23 degrees and an average home in the city cost around £228,645.

Ashley R recommended visiting Freedom Park on Tripadvisor: “It is a must-stop if you’re visiting Charlotte.

“If you live here then you probably go at least once a month.

“You’ve got people having picnics, playing volleyball, walking their dogs, biking or just taking a stroll.

“This is true Charlotte with all the beautiful scenery in one spot.

“It’s perfect for families, couples, young and old,” she said.

Raleigh, also in North Carolina, came second as the cheapest city in the US.

With homes selling at £176,503 on average, the town in North Carolina has very mild weather all year round.

Raleigh was followed by the vibrant city of Columbus, in Georgia.

Columbus is also one of the cheapest cities in the United States, has a warm climate and a total of 214 sunny days a year.

The US city with the mildest winters is Jacksonville, in Florida.

Jacksonville has a median home price of £174,000.

The town with the most affordable housing is Jackson, in Mississippi, where houses are selling for just £48,000.

However, it ranked seventh in the list as temperatures in winter can reach below zero.

The cheapest cities to live in the United States with the best weather

Charlotte, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Columbus, Georgia

Mobile, Alabama

Greensboro, North Carolina

Norfolk, Virginia

Jackson, Mississippi

Shreveport, Louisiana

Nashville, Tennessee

Tallahassee, Florida

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jacksonville, Florida

Memphis, Tennessee

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Birmingham, Alabama

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