Expats claim that Italy is ‘stuck in the past’

Fresh pizza on a terrace under the sun, an aperol spritz by the beach, the Italian lifestyle looks pretty attractive. But according to some expats, it’s not always la vita bella.

According to new research from the InterNations Expat Insider survey, Italy isn’t a great place to be an expat. The country came in 47th position out of 53 destinations worldwide.

Italy slipped down the rankings when it came to bureaucracy with many expats complaining about how difficult it was to get things done.

Nearly three quarters of expats found it hard to deal with the country’s bureaucracy, at nearly double the global average rate of 38 percent.

British citizens are at an extra disadvantage as one expat said the process is “even tougher” for non-EU residents.

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Almost 35 percent of people said it was difficult to open a local bank account while securing a visa was also challenging.

Another expat said: “The bureaucracy is the worst; people are stuck in the past. It is impossible to get anything done.”

Expats were also unhappy with their financial situation with one in three ranking it negatively. Nearly 35 percent felt their disposable income wasn’t enough to lead a comfortable life.

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While expats found a lot to complain about in Italy, the majority were happy with the country’s culinary variety. Almost three quarters also liked the nightlife and culture.

However, although most expats said they felt they could express themselves in Italy, nearly one in three were unhappy with the country’s political stability.

Expats also found it a challenge to find a job in Italy with one in three saying moving there hadn’t improved their career prospects.

Although Italy ended up near the bottom of the table, it wasn’t the worst ranked country in Europe. Norway landed last, ranking very poorly for leisure options.

Worldwide, a Middle Eastern country was ranked the worst country in the world to be an expat.

At the other end of the scale Mexico topped the rankings as the best place in the world to move as an expat.

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