Expats share the ‘biggest problem’ with life in Italy

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According to statista, around 65,000 British expats live in Italy. Expats have shared the highs and lows of life in Italy.

The InterNations Expat Insider City Ranking asked expats to rank their home based on several key factors.

Rome and Milan performed badly in the ranking with both ending up the worst 10 cities for expats worldwide.

An expat living in Rome said: “Italy’s biggest problem is the economy” and over a third of expats were concerned about the economy.

Nearly 40 percent of expats were unhappy with the job market while almost a quarter thought moving there hadn’t improved their job prospects.

The capital city also fared badly when it came to quality of life. Almost 40 percent were unhappy with the availability of public transport.

Expats also felt the city wasn’t well set up for cars and were also unhappy with the quality of healthcare.

Almost 30 percent of expats thought it was hard to access the kind of healthcare services they needed in Rome.

However, it wasn’t all negative, as the majority of expats thought the city was welcoming to foreign citizens.

Around three quarters of expats felt at home in Rome while almost 70 percent said they had a personal support network there.

Milan fared badly when it came to job prospects with almost 30 percent saying they weren’t paid well for their work.

An expat said: “Finding a job is so hard, and the salaries are so low” and over 30 percent felt they weren’t paid fairly.

Over half of the expats surveyed were unhappy with the northern Italian city’s air quality and its infrastructure.

Around one in three expats were unhappy with their financial situation in Milan and many felt their disposable income wasn’t enough.

However, expats thought the city’s central location meant it was a great base from which to explore the rest of Italy.

British expats in Italy will be spoilt for choice with beach, city and countryside breaks possible without leaving the country.

The country is also one of Europe’s top foodie hotspots, known as the birthplace of pasta and pizza.

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