Female pilot raging after being mistaken for flight attendant multiple times

A pilot shared her annoyance last week after being mistaken for a flight attendant by her colleagues.

Sabrina posted on TikTok showing herself sitting in the flight deck of a plane she was set to fly, reports the Mirror.

The young pilot was clearly frustrated with the situation especially as the uniform worn by flight attendants and pilots differs.

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While both sometimes wear white shirts, pilots uniform is adorned with stripes on the shoulders.

The number of stripes indicate the pilot’s rank; two stripes shows that the wearer is a flight engineer or second officer, three stripes indicates a first officer and four stripes indicates a captain.

Sabrina’s uniform has three stripes showing that she’s the first officer on her flight – showing she is the co-pilot and second-in-command to the captain.

Sharing the video with her fans, @sabrinaleej, the young woman looked strained.

“Gate agent looked me in the eye today, asked if I was the flight attendant. (Common occurrence)" she added in the caption above the video.

“It’s jarring to me because they work at an airport. You know what the pilot uniforms are.”

In the comments section, airline workers and airport staff were horrified by the mistake.

Some even claimed that the culprit did it on purpose to bring Sabrina down.

One person noted: "As a flight attendant, I'm offended for you. Unacceptable. They know our uniforms."

A second said: "I think everyone knows what a pilot uniform looks like how do they not know?"

A third wrote: "I would've replied 'no, I'm not, are you the pilot?' and when they say no, reply 'obviously, because I am."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in her replies Sabrina stated: "It's either they don't understand the epaulettes or they can't believe it.

“It's most girl pilots I know but I have a platform to share the experience, so I do."

The young woman also claimed she had been mistaken for a flight attendant before.

“It happens more often than I would like to see in real life between gate agents mostly,” she told the Independent.

“Those especially that have tried to issue me a flight attendant jump seat, and I would have to correct them, saying that I need the jump seat in the cockpit.

"And a lot of people are very nice and they take the comment very well but every now and then it gets a little mean.”


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