Flight attendant says they refuse to drink the water, tea and coffee on planes

A flight attendant has revealed that cabin crew refuse to drink tea or coffee made on board planes due to where the water comes from.

Cierra Mist, who has 3.1million followers on TikTok, often posts about her life as an air hostess.

And, one of her videos went viral with a whopping 7.8million views as she revealed some “secrets about flight attendants and pilots”.

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In a short video clip, Cierra explained that crew avoided the water taps that are used to make hot beverages.

She commented: “Here are some secrets about flight attendants and pilots that I bet you didn’t know.

“Unless we’re super desperate we will not drink the coffee or tea that’s supplied on the plane."

She continued: “The water that we use for the coffee and the tea come from the same spot and, guess what? It never gets cleaned.”

Expanding on the issue, Cierra added: “While the airlines may tell passengers they do ‘regular water quality tests’ we are told that it’s about six to nine months for even one test on one plane.

“And they’re not going to clean out that tank unless they find something.”

Yuck! Cierra also noted that flight attendants wear suncream at all times while flying.

She said: “We do this because we fly around in a metal tube at around 35,000 feet every single day and that’s really close to the ozone layer.

“In fact, we’re so exposed to radiation that health insurance will label us the same as an astronaut or a radiologist.”

In the comments, people were gobsmacked by the revelation.

One commenter said: “Thanks for the water tip.. definitely never drinking that d**n water again.”

“Good to know! Now I’m bringing at least five bottles of water,” added another.

But, other airline workers disagreed with Cierra’s comments.

One person wrote: “I’m a pilot and I have been drinking airplane coffee for 26 years.”

While another noted: “I’ve talked to many MX people about this. The tanks get cleaned regularly.”

Another maintenance worker said: “Yes, the tanks get tested. If there’s no bacteria, they aren’t ‘dirty’ and need cleaning.

“They are cleaned on a normal ‘A’ check.”

And, another pilot noted: "Airline pilot here, we only wear sunscreen upfront due to the large windows and sun exposure. Cosmic radiation won’t be stopped by it.”

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