Flight attendant shares 5 things you shouldn’t do before boarding a plane

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    A flight attendant shared her insider secrets on what she would never do before and after boarding a plane.

    Whether you're flying short-haul or international, Leysha has five tips to guarantee you a pleasant journey in the air.

    The American Airlines air hostess recalled from her personal experience and "I will never go scuba diving and then go on a flight within, I think, 48 hours. Don't do that."

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    It's best to allow the body sufficient time to rid itself of excess nitrogen absorbed during diving, otherwise, you're like to experience decompression sickness during flight.

    A second tip to bear in mind when planning a trip is buying tickets.

    "You would think it's common knowledge but it's not that common at all," Leysha said.

    "I would not get tickets from a third party site if it comes to me wanting to sit next to someone.

    "A lot of the times, I had parents that come on and they're super angry because they didn't get seats next to their child and they're holding up boarding telling me 'I need a seat next to my child'.

    "Those websites usually give you seats randomly, they just give you what they have — just book directly from the airline website."

    Leysha mentioned that it's also worth to use airline credit cards to "stack up points" so they can be redeemed as trips.

    She continued: "When I fly international, I will never use their blanket and will never use their pillows. I'm gonna bring my own.

    "As someone who travels frequently, let's say if you fly first class, I wouldn't eat the meals too often.

    "I'm not saying they're bad but I wouldn't eat them too often.

    "I'm not gonna eat every single meal off the plane, as much as I want to, only because there's a lot of preservatives and it's very high in sodium.

    "It's not good for your health overall to eat them too much.

    "They have to have that in the food on the plane so the food doesn't rot."

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