Flight attendant shares ultimate packing secrets to save room – one thing to ‘always’ do

Former flight attendant explains how to stow away baggage

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Content creator and flight attendant Daisy Bradley, who goes by @flyingmissdaisy, posts helpful travel hacks on her TikTok account. In one video she shared her most useful packing hacks.

The flight attendant’s first tip was to plan your outfits for both the days and nights in advance.

While it can sometimes be difficult to narrow clothes choices down, this method takes up a lot less space than packing five T-shirts for every pair of shorts.

It also makes unpacking a little easier on arrival, as each outfit can be packed together.

Daisy’s next packing tip ensures that travellers can fit more inside their case.

It also allows them to have a better look at what is inside it when they’re rooting for what to wear on holiday.

She told holidaymakers to pack vertically rather than horizontally to “create more space and easily pick out your outfits”.

Taking everything out of your case just to find a single T-shirt is one way to mess up a tidy hotel room.

The flight attendant’s third packing hack was to utilise small bags.

This can help travellers to “get organised”.

You may opt for one small bag or packing cube solely for underwear, another for toiletries, and another for accessories.

This can stop things getting muddled up, lost or even damaged.

Putting shoes inside a shoe bag is another pro packing tip.

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These work to keep them from getting damaged.

They also work to keep the remaining contents of the suitcase clean.

Nobody needs their muddy trainers sitting on their favourite white blouse.

Daisy’s next piece of advice was to “always have your details on your case”.

Including details such as your name and mobile number is a sensible move.

However, avoid writing your home address on a luggage tag to prevent a burglary.

As for “valuables”, Daisy recommended that these don’t go in the suitcase at all, but rather the traveller’s hand luggage – or somewhere “close by”.

Finally, she advised that holidayers remember their face masks.

While wearing a face mask during a flight is no longer mandatory, some destinations will still require visitors to wear one.

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