Flight attendant shows hidden lever you can pull to get more legroom on flights

If you've got long flight, being stuck on the aisle with very little room can be a nightmare.

But a flight attendant has put an end to the struggle – as she revealed an in-flight 'secret' that could help passengers get more legroom.

The Virgin Australia crew member demonstrated where to find a hidden button that can help passengers in the aisle seats get a little more wiggle room.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 1,400 likes, the woman showed followers that there is a little lever under the armrest.

You can use it to move your seat back, creating more space and putting an end to carry-ons catching on the way down the aisle.

She said: "Have you ever struggled with the aisle seat armrest? Struggle no more with this seat hack."

Once the armrest has been lifted, the lever can be pressed to hold it in place.

"Like a pro," she added in the caption of the video, which was shared on the brand's verified TikTok account.

Viewers immediately took to the comments and praised her for informing them.

And many could relate to some of the struggles she highlighted in the video.

One user said: "The bag getting caught on the chair is so real."

Another added: "Life changed!"

A third commented: "More people need to see this."

"Aisle seat is my favourite," a fourth wrote.

The feature isn't exclusive to Virgin Atlantic flights as it appears to be fitted as standard on most passenger planes.

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According to Travel and Leisure, "It's also a helpful trick to use at the end of your flight when you need more space to stand up and grab your luggage from the overhead bin."

The website continued: "Instead of doing that awkward, half-backbend lean to grab your bag from above you, while also trying to avoid touching your neighbour, just put up the armrest and easily get out of your seat.

"But, that's not all this button was intended for. While it does provide some much-needed relief from the constricting boundaries of an aeroplane seat, its sole function isn't to give you more room.

"It's actually a safety measure to allow a quick and easy escape should you need to make an emergency exit from the plane."

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