Flight attendant warns rule-breakers in plane toilets they’ll be ‘arrested’

Smoking has been banned on all flights since 1998 in the UK, but some eagle-eyed passengers have noticed that new aircraft still have ashtrays in the toilets – but that doesn't mean you can light up.

In fact, one flight attendant has revealed that the ashrays are actually there for a safety reason – and if you're caught smoking, you're looking at being banned from future flights and getting 'definitely arrested'.

The anonymous cabin crew worker shared her flight secrets with the Daily Express, explaining that the ashtrays are "purely there for safety hazard prevention". That's because if someone did decide to light up on a flight despite the ban and the risk of being arrested at landing, crew don't want to risk the rule-breaker putting out the butts in the paper-filled bin. Ultimately, they explained that the staff "need to have a safe place for a cigarette butt to go".

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They added: "It’s essentially a metal contained flip box, so you would pull the top part, it would open up and there’s a small cavity where a cigarette butt could go because you would want to put it there instead of in the toilet bin filled with paper. Pretty smart! But don’t smoke on a plane, you will be put on a no-flight list and probably arrested… definitely arrested."

Airlines including TUI, easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 all have strict bans on smoking – and you could potentially be blocked from using the airlines in future if you do try and light a cigarette on board.

On its website, TUI warns: "It is against the law to smoke on the aircraft. If you do smoke, you may be prosecuted. You will also have to pay all costs resulting from any disruption caused as a result of smoking and we may refuse to carry you on any return or future flight. Electronic cigarettes can be carried as hand luggage only. They cannot be carried as hold luggage. You cannot use or charge electronic cigarettes on the aircraft."

Meanwhile easyJet warns that "you can’t smoke any type of cigarette on the plane", adding that "it’s a criminal offence to do so".

There are of course some passenger habits that will annoy your fellow travellers but are unlikely to get you a fine, such as getting your bare feet out on a flight (Some people are so foot-phobic they might even take revenge on you mid-flight!). One travel pro has warned of 4 key mistakes that a lot of people make when they board a plane, that's sure to annoy both fellow flyers and the crew.

Meanwhile, flight attendants have previously warned that you should always keep your shoes on when you're heading to the onboard toilet. That's because the water on the toilet floor isn’t spilled from the sink – it’s actually urine. You don’t want to be stepping in your fellow passengers’ pee the whole journey so maybe keep your shoes on or try out a pair of plane slippers instead!

  • If you're looking to quit smoking you can find out more on the NHS website here.

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