Flight attendants ‘love’ this ‘really helping’ luggage item – for under £20

When it comes to packing strategically, flight attendants know a thing or two about how to make the most of the space available in your suitcase. Given how often they jet off, they tend to pack as light as possible for their trips. And there is one item in particular that a group of cabin crew members are gushing over, saying that it is “really helpful” when organising your suitcase.

Finding ways to get more into your suitcase without exceeding the baggage allowance can be particularly helpful, no matter if you’re dealing with British Airways luggage rules or trying to stay in line with Ryanair’s strict cabin bag allowance. Even if you have a slightly larger cabin bag under Jet2’s luggage rules, it’s still worth making sure your holiday wardrobe stays within the specific measurement.

Sharing to a Reddit forum, several flight attendants have all hailed packing cubes – and one brand in particular has come out on top.

One trainee flight attendant explained: “I bought myself some packing cubes a few years ago when I was doing some solo travelling and they are the bomb. I didn’t get crazy fancy ones but let me tell you, these have served me very well and I have yet to rip, bust, or otherwise damage one in any way, and I’m a total klutz so that’s saying something.

“Really helps with efficient packing or organising, plus if your bag somehow pops open your clothes and stuff don’t end up like confetti on the ground wherever you are.” [SIC]

Her top recommended brand of packing cubes are from the company BAGAIL and can be purchased on Amazon right now for £19.99.

“They come in different colours but I got the black with the complete mesh front so I can see what all is in there,” the trainee flight attendant explained.

Her comment was backed up by another flight attendant who said: “I have the BAGAIL ones too, love them and highly recommend.”

Similarly, a third cabin crew member said one of their favourite things bout the BAGAIL brand is the range of size options available.

“I have been using them for almost a year and they’re great,” he said. “Literally zero complaints and I love that they’re not even the slightest bit rigid like some other ones.

“There’s lots of sizes too so you can use a combo of sizes that works best for you. I highly recommend packing cubes. It’s so nice to pull out the cube with my underclothing, then another with my PJs and another with whatever.

“It’s great having it all separate and easy to take out & pack up. No having to unpack and repack to just look for one thing.” [SIC]

Where to buy BAGAIL packing cubes

Best deals on packing cubes

This packing cube set available for purchase on Amazon offers nine different items in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cheapest option comes in grey, but there are an additional selection of colours to choose from.

This eight piece packing cube set comes with laundry pouches and a shoe pouch to help you stay organised while travelling.

This four pack of compression packing cubes by the Amazon brand Eono offer a sleek way to organise and store your clothing in your suitcase or cabin bag. They come in black, as well as an array of additional colours.


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