Flights expert says ‘golden rules’ apply from reclining seats to using armrests

A travel expert has shared the “golden rules” everyone should follow when flying on a passenger plane.

He claims the etiquette rules are required to stop you from being an “annoying” holidaymaker.

This is because breaking any of these five unwritten rules is likely to have your seat neighbours, or even flight attendant, glaring at you throughout your journey.

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We’ve previously found out that some cabin crew hate it when you order water or coffee, while others dislike when travellers are drunk and bolshy.

But, what rules should you abide by to avoid being the Philip – flight attendant code for the “passengers they’d like to punch”?

The Points Guy Nicky Kelvin has shared the golden rule for travelling on a plane to avoid being an annoying passenger, reports the Mirror.

He shared the etiquette rules on the @thepointsguy TikTok account, and it's now been seen by over 183k people.

He explained that the number one golden rule to avoid being an annoying passenger is: "Don't recline your seat during meal times. It's harder to eat your meal in economy with limited space if the person in front of you is reclined.

“Some cabin crew will instruct passengers to raise their seats during meal times, but regardless, you should do it out of respect to the person behind you."

Nicky continued explaining four other rules that will help you avoid being annoying.

No one likes being in the middle seat between two strangers, but if everyone follows the unwritten rules, it doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience.

Nicky said: "Don't get to war over who gets the armrest. No matter what side of the armrest issue you're on, remember to always be courteous.

“Experts agree that the passenger in the middle seat deserves both armrests, as they have what it considered to be the worst seat in the row."

Number three, Nicky explained, is simply "keep your socks on" because "feet can be pretty gross".

Pretty self explanatory – and the water on the toilet floor is not hygienic because it’s actually urine!

Next, the aviation expert said that "no one wants to hear what you're watching", so it's important that you bring your own headphones.

He added: "Ideally, bring your own so you know that they'll be good quality and comfortable."

Lastly, number five was "stand up to let people out of the row don't force people to awkwardly crawl their way past your legs, trying as hard as they can not touch your body.”

Follow these rules and you should leave the plane without making any mortal enemies.

What’s the most annoying thing to you on a flight? Tell us in the comments…


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