Google Maps Street View snaps locals rescuing Google car from sticky situation in Kenya

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Google Maps Street View has photographed an unusual scene in Nairobi. The image shows the moment three pedestrians decided to help a stuck car in the Kenyan capital. The photo has gone viral after being posted to content-sharing site Reddit.

The touching scene was taken in the slums of Mathare.

The area is one of Kenya’s poorest settlements and has a reputation for poverty, crime and overcrowding.

However, that didn’t stop a trio of residents coming to the aid of a Google car.

It would seem a large overhanging tent was obstructing the path of the vehicle.

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A man, a woman and a young boy have come to help.

The man can be seen holding up a huge pole to lift the tent up.

The child also grips it while the woman stands beside them.

“They had to lift the tent so the Google car could pass through,” the Reddit user who posted the snap captioned the photo.

Viewers warmed to the image and shared their thoughts.

One wrote: “These guys should add ‘worked for google’ on their resumes.

Another commented: “Wholesome! I wish I had that job with google. I would see so much of the world.”

This is far from the first time the Google car has found itself in a sticky situation.

In Oregon, USA a Street View vehicle became awkwardly caught as it drove down the road.

Looking at the photo, it would seem the car’s camera has become caught in a cable strung across the road.

The cable is attached to the roof of the property to the left.

What happened next, is alas, unknown.

The scene was a snapshot in time and the aftermath is not pictured.

The Reddit poster clearly thought the incident heralded a calamity. “Last picture taken before disaster,” they captioned the photo.

One person who commented on the Reddit post was particularly intrigued as to how such an event came to pass.

“How low was that cable? The cameras aren’t really that high up,” they wondered.

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