Groom forced into Just Stop Oil top for stag do flight silenced by sharp pilot

Fancy dress on a stag do is a rite of passage – with some blokes dressing up as women, cartoon characters, or in one bloke's case a Just Stop Oil protester.

But usually when your pals have you dress up, it doesn't almost cost you your stag weekend. However, one bloke was told to remove his activist attire or get off the plane in a viral video shared online.

Johnny Kalko, who posts on social media as @johnnykalko, shared a video of his mate meeting up with them at the airport bar donning a bright orange shirt, branded with the logo of the environmental activist group. His mates were heard cackling with laughter as he walked towards them looking mortified.

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The groom even turned a few heads on his way in – and when he got on the plane, he was pulled aside by the pilot over his attire. In the clip, which has gained more than 77,000 likes, the lad wrote: "Made him wear a 'Just Stop Oil' T-shirt on his stag do.

"The pilot pulled him as soon as he stepped on the plane. The pilot told us that if he is not on his stag do then he has to leave the plane.

"I had to show him the stag do group chat to prove it and he made him remove the T-shirt." The group were heard booing the pilot's decision – and said it would have been different if he was wearing something like an Arsenal top.

But the pilot quipped: "If he was wearing an Arsenal T-shirt he'd be definitely getting off." The plane erupted with laughter as the groom made his way to his seat in a plain black shirt at the end of the 47-second clip.

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TikTok viewers were left in hysterics over the prank as they branded Just Stop Oil "a joke".

One user said: "Do you think the Just Stop Oil guys realise they are a joke?" Another added: "Pilot has good banter."

A third commented: "That’s actually a genius dare." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Everything about this is so funny LOOOOOL."

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