Half of Brits admit they question their life choices when they’re on holidays

Going on holidays is a little bit of stress but a lot of fun and relaxation. You’ll spend a weekend or even a week or two in the sunshine with no work responsibilities, delicious food and lots of splashing in the pool and on the beach.

However, there is one truly terrible part of a holiday – especially if you only get away for one once a year – and that’s having to return home again. Lots of people are so worried about their holiday ending that they start counting down the days left as soon as they find their hotel room.

It’s something most of us can understand. After all, who wouldn’t rather spend their time living it up with the family with sun, sand and sea than sit at their work desk being stressed? But, returning home afterwards can make you feel low and grumpy for a few days or even weeks.

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In fact, it seems that the impact of the post-holiday blues have so much of an effect on us that one in every two fits has questioned their life’s trajectory after coming home from a trip. Hotel Indigo in partnership with YouGov took a survey of 6,000 people across six different countries – with the results showing the effect of travel on our lives.

The data showed 50% of us question our lives when in the midst of the post-holiday blues. Plus, a whopping 63% of holidaymakers have made major life decisions after travelling – from overhauling daily routines, moving cities or countries, changing careers, to quitting a job.

Unsurprisingly, as it seems so common, post holiday blues is actually noted to have a real effect on people. Medical News Today said: "People may experience emotional discomfort, nostalgia, or an increase in stress when returning to their regular routine, work, or studies. Symptoms of post-vacation depression may interfere with a person’s day-to-day life, including personal relationships and performance when returning to work or studies."

Such symptoms can also include anxiety, irritability, difficulty sleeping or feeling ill at ease. This may be what sparks many Brits to make big changes when they return home.

It’s not just that travel affects us afterwards though, the study showed that 88% of Brits are more likely to take risks while travelling – perhaps to make the most of their trip. Meanwhile around 12% of UK travellers have even fallen in love with a local who they met while abroad.

Joanna Edmunds, managing director, of Kuoni UK, said: "We wanted to better understand the emotional journey of holiday-makers and we examined the role of holidays in this new context. We looked at the personal discussions and decisions that take place on holidays and how these shape people's futures. The results are exciting. They prove that holidays are more than a break from the daily routine – they can be truly life changing.

"According to the report, 36% of holidaymakers talk about their love life with 34% actually deciding to take action and spice it up when they get home. It seems the younger generations talk about this subject even more at 57%."

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