Hong Kong Sanctuary: Cathay Pacific airport lounge has space for mind and body

Among Hong Kong International’s seven airport lounges, travellers are spoilt for choice.

The Terrace first opened last year, offering passengers views over the busy north runway at Hong Kong airport. Yet there another newer addition is promising more than just a retreat from the busy airport forecourts.

The Pier has opened a 70-square-metre spiritual space called The Sanctuary. Physically divided in two – between body and mind – the Body Sanctuary is a yoga studio while the Mind Sanctuary is a meditation space.

The yoga studio holds sessions for budding yogis on the go and also has plenty of break-out space for flyers to bust out their own shapes. It might be the perfect way to stretch out after a long flight and stave away deep vein thrombosis.

If would-be practitioners of mindfulness think that all sounds a bit distracting, fear not!
The Mind Sanctuary provides cushioned capsules to retreat into with noise-cancelling headphones, preloaded with meditation routines. Other areas provide images for thought. One of the key concepts in the design has been the practice of Trakata – staring at a point for focus during the journey ahead.

“The exercises are designed to improve circulation, enhance joint mobility and relax the mind for a comfortable and restful journey,” said Cathay Pacific.

The airline has invested in headspace and room for thought in the air, as well as in its lounges.

Last year, Cathay announced a collaboration with the Hong Kong-based Pure Yoga to launch “Travel well with Yoga,” a series of inflight videos to help ease passengers into their flight. Though it is inadvisable to practice your ‘Chaturanga’ and ‘Downwards Dog’ in the aisles.

Other airports which have adopted yoga practices to ease the stress of travel include San Francisco International – which has a yoga studio – and, closer to home, Qantas’ Well Being Studio at Perth International.

The Sanctuary Hong Kong International is now open to fliers with access to The Pier Business Class Lounge; Diamond, Gold and Silver Marco Polo Club members; Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon First Class passengers.

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