How to sleep on a plane: Top tips for sleeping on a flight as foreign holidays resume

Sleep on a plane is something many passengers struggle with. Despite there being several hours of me-time available, it’s not always simple to drift off. So what’s the best way to master sleeping on flights? This is the travel advice to follow.


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Pick your seat wisely

If you can, try to engineer a seat in a slumber-promoting position.

Namely, steer clear of sitting near the toilets or the galley as you’ll have noise to deal with and possibly unpleasant smells.

Eat sensibly

Avoid feasting on spicy food – overindulging is inadvisable prior to sleep.

Give your digestion some time and leave it a couple of hours between eating and sleeping.

Drink sensibly

It might not be good news, but glugging on booze won’t help bring the land of nod any closer.

Alcohol can prevent you from getting good quality sleep and make you dehydrated, as can caffeine.

Choose to drink water instead to keep dehydration at bay or a calming herbal tea.

It might feel boring, but future you will be grateful when you arrive feeling fresher.

Switch off from technology

Make the most of being away from Earth for a while and turn off your screens.

Studies have shown that blue light from screens keeps the body awake.

Consider opting for a book or listen to music ahead of sleep.

The view is pretty good from up there too, remember.


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Dress comfortably

Yes, it might be the stylish option to dress elegantly for a flight and nail airport chic for the pre-holiday photos but restrictive clothing won’t help with sleep.

Opt for cosy apparel – whether you wear it at the airport or change into it once onboard.

Just don’t go the whole hog and remove your shoes and socks – no one likes that person.

Pack ahead

Make sure you have everything in your hand luggage you’ll need to help you kip.

Kit yourself out with a decent neck pillow, an eye mask and earplugs.

To be extra fancy, pack a comfortable blanket and noise-cancelling headphones to really settle in.

However do remember that if your hand luggage is too big you won’t have as much legroom to stretch out in – so streamline your cabin bag packing if you can.

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