‘I forked out for Ryanair’s priciest seat – but I could have got it for nothing’

Ryanair is known for its budget friendly flights – so it is not often people opt to splash the cash on extras for the bargain airline.

However, one traveller decided to fork out on the most expensive seat on a Ryanair flight to see if the pricey allocation was worth the money.

Despite paying for the apparent best seat on the plane – some people have now claimed they could have got it free.

Seamus Lyons is a keen explorer and often documents his travels to his 15,000 TikTok followers.

But instead of being given a random seat allocation for free, Seamus chose the option to pay out more to be given a particular place on the plane.

In a recent clip that has now racked up a huge 430,000 views, Seamus opted to seat 1A on a Ryanair flight from Kaunas, Lithuania to Dublin.

The flight only cost the traveller €20 (£16.60) – but with the specific seats add-on costing €28 (£23), the grand total came to €48 (£39).

Although his trip was still budget friendly, the seat cost more than the flight itself.

Seamus asked in the video: "I bought the most expensive seat on my Ryanair flight – was it worth it?

"I don't know what's crazier, the fact that the flight is only €20 or that the seat cost more than the flight itself."

Seamus got on the flight and was happy to find out that he had the row all to himself – while being close to the toilet.

“Nobody else could afford these awesome seats.”

“Also easy access to the toilet, while still getting the window seat.”

After flying on the luxurious side of the budget friendly, Seamus came to the conclusion that forking out a bit extra was worth it.

"The flight was €20 and the seat was €28 so I think it was worth it."

But, although Seamus felt like he made the right choice – many people shared that he could have saved himself the dough and sat in the specific spot for free.

One person commented: “I always just don’t pay for a seat and just sit up front for free 90% of the time as nobody wants to pay for them.”

Another user added: "I always leave it until the last minute to check in, then you always get a good seat. I've got that seat twice."

While a third person voiced: “I go for the second row, quick off the plane and I don’t have to deal with the emergency exit door and safety talk.”

Someone else shared: “I’ve absolutely gotten this seat for free multiple times.”

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