‘I met my boyfriend in an airport – his sweet gesture instantly won me over’

A couple have explained how they lived out their own Hollywood-style romance that felt like they were in a film. The pair met at an airport and claim they were hit by the lightning bolt of love.

Louis Christodoulou, 50, offered Havva Kiracoglu, 42, a blanket as she slept on the floor at the transport hub with her two children, aged seven and 12, due to ongoing flight delays. Havva states that she felt an "instant attraction" following the sweet gesture – and the pair even went on to meet up on holiday after travelling to the same destination. Just four months later and Havva and Louis, whose families are both from Cyprus, are planning on having a future together as a couple.

The duo have big plans to travel for hours each week to see each other – and claim they can’t imagine not knowing one another anymore. They're so in love that they're "official" and it all started at the airport.

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Havva, from Brighton, said: "I felt that instant attraction to him. I'm in my 40s and usually nowadays I want to get to know someone before I make that judgement on whether I like them or not. He asked if we had blankets but we didn’t. The kids were wrapped in jumpers and were freezing cold. He had a throw with him and gave it to us so I put it on the kids."

She continued: "Now we’re officially together we say in a sense we were together from day we met. I knew I was going to be with him he knew he was going to be with me. Over the last year or so I've got to a point where I'm really settled and if I didn’t meet anyone I'd still be happy even if I spent the rest of life on my own. I didn’t really have my hopes up anymore but the minute you let go of that hope someone's right there. I can't imagine myself without him now, it’s crazy."

Louis, from North London, said: "I initially spotted her in the terminal and thought she was good looking. Without the cancellation I wouldn't have met her. It was very natural. We hit it off straight away and there was no awkwardness – we really got on and our kids got on well."

Havva, a self-employed freelancer, says she believes a lift from a mate that took her to the airport was part of what helped them to meet. They realised their flight had been delayed after boarding at 7pm – before being told the plane would not be flying and being asked to disembark and ending up stuck in the airport.

Havva and her two children were forced to spend the night at the airport because said friend couldn't pick her up again. Then, when Louis came to help the small family with a blanket, he and Havva instantly hit it off – although Havva says she wasn’t in the mood to flirt and was simply enjoying having a conversation.

The pair kept finding one another and chatting in the departures lounge until their flight finally took off at 7.30pm the next day. When Havva didn’t spot Louis on the plane, she assumed that was the end of things. But, a few days later while on holiday in Cyprus, Havva received a friend request from Louis on Facebook, who had found by searching her first name. Several days of chatting online later they decided to meet up for a day out at a waterpark.

While their kids played together, Havva and Louis got to know each other, and Havva and her son and daughter spent the last days of their holiday spending time with Louis and his children, aged 15 and 13.

Once they returned to the UK, the pair continued to exchange messages – and just two weeks later jet off to Tenerife for a romantic break away. Now, the pair spend their weekends and occasional evenings making the trip to see each other which thankfully isn't too exhausting as they live just two hours away from one another.

The pair do say, though, that it has taken some time to get used to the major change in their lives. Havva said: "When we got talking, I wasn’t in mood to meet anyone, I was just chatting away in general. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt or meet anyone in that way, I was tired and had no food no sleep.

"[In Cyprus] he met us at a waterpark one weekend and we just hit it off straight away, his kids and my kids got on really well. We went for dinner that night then he went back to his hotel and I went to mine.

"We met up again the day before I flew back because the airport was near where he was staying. I checked into hotel near him and we spent the last evening together, we all went for meal and ice cream and played games in the hotel. The flight wasn’t until the evening so we had the whole day at the poolside and just had a really good time. Since we’ve been back we’ve become official, but he lives in north London, so it’s a two hour journey between us but we’re making it work."

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Louis said: "I just took her first name, she didn't ask me for my name, and I thought she wasn't showing any interest. When I was out in Cyprus I asked my kids what they thought of the girl we met at the airport and my kids really liked her – to me that’s very important.

"That’s what prompted me to get onto Facebook, I looked for her first name and luckily she came up. We weren't exactly in the same country, we were in two different territories – she was in Turkish territory and I was in Greek territory so we had to go through checkpoints to see each other.

"It’s not ideal [that we live so far apart] but we make time for each other, if you’ve got interest in somebody and want to be with them you can make the time."

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