‘I travel the world most weekends for £30 – and it actually saves me money’

It is often thought that travelling and going on holiday costs an arm and a leg – which leaves many people just dreaming about soaking up the sun and crystal blue waters.

But one woman has proven that you don’t need a bank load of cash to rack up the air miles and trot around the globe.

Cheap travelling enthusiast Bex, who goes by the name @NorthernBlondeAbroad, sets off on holiday every other weekend – and it doesn't cost her more £30.

The Brit has set herself a challenge to visit 12 different countries in 12 months and has to spend £30 or under on a return flight.

And it is no surprise that she has already racked up 52,000 TikTok followers eager to find out how she saves money on her jet-setting lifestyle.

A quick scroll through the video sharing app and her Instagram is enough to leave anyone full of envy.

But with the budget Bex sticks to, it is possible for the travel hungry to follow in her footsteps.

She explained in one clip: "My toxic trait is spending less than £30 on flights to another country every other week as it's cheaper than spending my weekends shopping in Home Bargains and Primark."

Spending £30 or less on return flights has allowed Bex to visit Portugal and Italy without denting her bank account.

She has even been able to travel to the breath-taking Lake Como with flights costing as little as £11!

Bex shared: “I paid £11 for a return flight to Italy, then got a £7.42 train to Como and then paid £4.70 for a return trip on the Funicular for the most breath-taking views. All in one weekend."

She has also managed to travel for Lisbon for half of her budget at a bargain £15, she shared in a clip: "POV: you've paid £15 for a flight to Lisbon then £1.90 for a train to Sintra, it's lunch time and you're sat eating some cheese that's bubbling/flirting with you. Life is good."

Despite being away from home often, Bex cannot go without her Yorkshire tea.

While taking in the view of some mountains, the travelling Brit told viewers: “POV: It’s Sunday morning and there is a sprinkling of snow on the mountains and all you can hear is wildlife and silence.

"You’re drinking Yorkshire tea from a flask because you don’t go anywhere without it. This is what calm feels like.”

Bex has now racked up a huge 483,100 likes on her TikTok page, with many people commenting their praise for her decision to spend her weekends travelling instead of shopping.

One person commented: "I’m totally with you. Exploring the world makes nicer memories than a trip to Home Bargains!"

Another user added: “Good for you.”

While a third person voiced: “I’m so jealous! Live your dream.”

Someone else praised: “Mmmm, buying tat or travelling the world. I don’t blame you.”

And a fifth person related: "Snap! And I bet people say 'you’re so lucky' when luck has nothing to do with it. Just priorities. I’ve been to 63 countries and counting."

You can follow Bex on TikTok here and Instagram here.

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