‘I went to Spain on a holiday – you don’t need to use any annual leave’

Most of us love a holiday abroad, but even if you can swing the cost many of us are limited by annual leave allowances. British workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6weeks of holiday each year.

But, when it’s gone it’s gone – unless you manage to swing a trip away without using a single day of leave whatsoever. One woman has revealed how she managed to do just that and headed to Spain.

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Amy Irvine, 27, spent a week in sunny Marbella, Spain in April 2023. She didn’t use any annual leave after discovering her company offered a brilliant benefit – and yours might do the same.

As head of a digital PR company, Amy's workplace has a policy allowing all employees to work from anywhere in the world. Meaning Amy and her colleague Olivia Smith, 27, could jet off to Spain.

The pair spent their days working from their balcony in the sun just metres from the beach. Sipping on refreshing drinks, snacking on Lays crisps and gazing out at the ocean seems like a lovely way to spend the work day.

During their lunch breaks, the pair went for a swim in the pool and after work they headed out for drinks and local cuisine. Amy has previously used the policy to take staycation trips around the UK.

She headed to Kielder Forest in Northumbria for her mum's 50th and Whitby in the North East to extend a holiday – but this is the first time she's used it to venture abroad.

Amy, from Kendal, Cumbria, said: "After covid we realised that everyone could work from anywhere and it became a policy. If the job allows, then everyone should ask their boss if they can work remotely – and use the chance to head abroad.

"Chances are if you can work from home, you can work from Spain, France, anywhere with a similar timezone to the UK. I'd 100% recommend doing it – it's nice to get away, but not have to use up your holiday allowance."

She added: "I just wanted to go and get some sunshine to be honest. I feel like it was so nice to have that change of scenery and work from anywhere.

"Maybe it would have been more stressful in the UK. The sunshine just makes everything better. We went for drinks and some tapas in the evenings and it made you feel like you're on holiday again – we even went to a beach club one evening. We went for a swim on our lunch breaks and it was so nice to wake up to sunshine and not the rain. It felt really surreal."

Amy claims that working on holiday and the change in environment has helped her to be more productive. She also knows that fellow workers have gone as far as South Africa all without taking any annual leave.

She said: "I definitely felt more productive and it increased motivation. It was nice to work with my colleague – who is usually in the London office – as well. I think if you work in a job where you can do that it's a really nice benefit and leads to a better work life balance."

Amy plans to work abroad again soon in Summer or Autumn. Anyone who wants to do the same should check if their employer offers the incredible benefit.


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