Iconic Princess and the Frog restaurant to open in Disneyland next month

Disney mega-fans have been waiting for a number of changes to be made in the parks that were announced several years ago. Now, one of the most awaited is coming to Disneyland.

Tiana’s Palace – a restaurant based on film the Princess and the Frog – will serve New Orleans inspired food and offer the ultimate meal out for fans of Tiana and her many Bayou pals.

Disney finally announced the opening date this week. Tiana’s Palace, set in New Orleans Square, will open on September 7, 2023.

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The new quick-service restaurant is inspired by the one opened by Tiana in animation the Princess and the Frog. Now, visitors to Disneyland California will be able to taste her magical cooking.

Art work showing the new eatery has been released showing elegant French-Quarter style buildings with emerald green balconies, yellow awnings and all the colours of Mardi Gras. The colour scheme reminds us of Tiana’s famous ballgown!

Lights will shine out from the building while you sit on elegant chairs and the interior apparently has a mural of the Bayou – the body of water where Tiana had her adventures. Various signs, plaques and lights will also pay homage to the film.

Plus, there will be cute porcelain frogs, cookbooks and Tiana’s father’s gumbo spoon on display. Keep an eye out for easter eggs like letters from the Princess’s father and her neighbours around the eatery.

As the opening day is so close, the Disneyland website already has the restaurant on its site. It states: “Experience the vibrance and celebratory spirit of New Orleans Square – where the good times roll, and Creole and Cajun fares are ready to be enjoyed! Stroll on over to Tiana’s Palace where each delectable dish is served the way good food should be – with love!

“Step inside this beautiful restaurant that’s a reminiscent slice of the elegant French Quarter. Tiana’s Palace is a quick-service style eatery built on hard work and a whole lotta love!

“Soak in the lively culture of New Orleans through new menu items inspired by the flavours of the Crescent City – including Southern comfort dishes and plates with a Cajun and Creole twist.”

Unfortunately, the menu isn’t yet available to look at. But, we hope to be able to get pillowy beignets (like a doughnut) and famous Gumbo.

The restaurant will sit in New Orleans Square alongside Eudora’s Chic Boutique featuring Tiana's Gourmet Secrets – a shop full of homemade goods, clothes, accessories and more based on the Princess and the Frog which opened last year. It's based on Tiana's mother being a dressmaker and you can buy feather boas, books, cookware, dresses, bags, ears, tableware, decor and plenty more inside of the shop.

Plus, Splash Mountain will be opening in 2024 so you can explore the Bayou yourself! What an exciting new opening.

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