‘I’m 36 and single so travel world alone – I don’t need to settle’

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    A single woman in her 30s got tired of waiting to find a partner to visit romantic cities with – so she packed her bags and jetted off on a "memoon".

    Brittany Allyn, AKA Thirty Waves to her 117,000 Instagram followers, is known for documenting what life is like for a single woman in her 30s.

    At the age of 36 the digital creator works to show how women can be single, childless and fabulous.

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    Brittany has been blogging since she was in her 20s – she started out writing for a page she called Twenty Waves – which worked to highlight the "waves" women experience in their 20s. Then, when she hit her 30s, Thirty Waves was born.

    Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, Brittany revealed how she lives life "on a different timeline" to society's standards.

    Due to her focus on documenting travel, style and vintage fashion, the digital creator said a lot of her followers describe her as "the real life Carrie Bradshaw".

    There's just one big difference – she's not searching for her big love.

    Instead, she's squeezing all there is out of life and doing what makes her truly happy.

    Brittany said: "I grew up in a town where it was marriage by 27 and kids by 30 – if you didn't do that you had failed.

    "I wanted to live life against the grain – I wanted to travel, and my parents were really supportive of me.

    "I wanted to travel the world, and see different cities."

    When she thinks back to her school days she said – out of her class – 30 people are now married, and 25 of those 30 now have children.

    While she admits she one day wants a partner and children, she said it's really important for her not to settle.

    She said she once saw a quote that said something like: "You can find your partner at 50, and still spend 30 years with them."

    Brittany said when she reads things like this, it reminds her that you can meet someone at an older age and still get to spend years with them, so there's no need to put a timeline on life.

    "My longest relationship was five years and that felt like such a long time," she added.

    "I have been in love – and it just didn't work out, but I just don't want to settle."

    She said she knows some people who married young who are now starting to get divorced.

    For Brittany, she said seeing people she knows go through such experiences has allowed her to learn about the positives and negatives of marriage by gaining insight from other people's relationships.

    Brittany said: "There are some advantages of getting married in your 30s. For a lot of people having children and marriage didn't cure their happiness."

    The former marketing worker used to help people with start up businesses.

    In the past she's worked on developing a gay dating app, and has also worked on a project alongside Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke.

    She also spent some time working as a match maker in New York, where she lives.

    Now she blogs full time, and you can follow her uplifting content on Instagram and TikTok.

    Recently she's been creating content about egg freezing – as she moved to London for a few months after the pandemic to begin the process.

    It didn't work for her the first time around, but she hopes to try again, as she sees kids as a part of her future.

    During the summer, she also decided to make the most of her time by indulging in a little solo travel.

    She dubbed her trips as "memoons" – AKA honeymoons for single people.

    Speaking about why she decided to travel solo, Brittany said: "There were so many places I wanted to go that I thought 'that place is for couples', so I didn't go. I felt like you had to be a couple.

    "I just booked a honeymoon in the south of France for myself.

    "I had always wanted to go to Venice, but I thought it was always too romantic.

    "I bought a blue silk gown, and went on a gondola ride on my own.

    "You have to believe that one day you will have a partner, and one day you will go with friends, but you can also do it solo.

    "Travelling alone can be so empowering."

    While some people may be afraid of hitting the big 30, Brittany also said growing older is nothing to be afraid of.

    The social media star said life started for her when she hit 30, as it was around this time she moved to New York, and things really started to take off for her.

    "When people say they are scared of turning 30 I just laugh," she added.

    "The best parts of my life started at 30 – that's when life really started for me."

    She said her auntie always used to tell her – 'your 20s are for mistakes and your 30s are for knowing who you are', though people can also try and pressure you with timelines.

    Brittany said her aunt was also vocal about how much she loved her 40s as – by this time – you know who you are, and stop comparing yourself to other people.

    She added: "I know my 40s will be even more amazing."

    As for modern dating, Brittany said she's definitely grown out of "situationships."

    The kind of dynamic where you may be messaging on a dating app for a while, flirting a little, but things never seem to go anywhere serious.

    Reflecting on her dating experiences, she added: "I gave power to people.

    "I would go on a few dates, and would hope it would turn into a relationship, and would then feel sad for a few months.

    "Now I don't do that at all – it's an added bonus if I meet someone.

    "If someone doesn't want to make time for me then I know there is no problem in moving on. I know my worth."


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