‘I’m a flight attendant and my packing method will help you save a lot of time’

Packing can be stressful at the best of times but following the tips offered by an experienced traveller could cut down your packing time and stress. 

The answer is to pre-prepare as many essential items as you can and keep them aside, one flight attendant has revealed on Reddit.

The post was a response to a question posed by a soon-to-be flight attendant who wanted to know how to make packing as easy as possible.

The question asked: “I’m new, waiting to start, and wanting to be prepared as much as possible. What’s some stuff I may not be thinking about that you always take with you on trips?”

Flight attendants always have almost everything ready to go as they could be called to fly last minute, and all they need to pack is the clothes they need for their trip. 

One aircrew member was super organised and mentioned that they had two of everything; one in a suitcase, the other in the house. Another useful idea was to prepare a makeup case ready to go.

“I slowly set up a whole separate make-up kit to keep in my suitcase. Cords, power bank, dental stuff, hair stuff!” explained the Redditor.

The flight attendant had been following this efficient procedure for years, adding: “After five years, the only thing that came out of my suitcase at home was the packing cube of clothes to get washed.”

Cables are one of the things that can be a pain to compile with many of us forgetting at least one of them, but one Redditor had a brilliant solution.

“Have dedicated travel cables and plugs for all your electronics and another set for home use,” the commentator recommended.

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Another tip to help make packing easier is to use clingfilm to wrap your jewellery in. This not only protects it but keeps it from tangling, according to a jewellery expert at Pandora UK.  

The flight attendant advised: “Take a large piece of cling film and lay your jewellery about 5cm apart on one half of the film.  

“Then fold the other half of the cling film over so the jewellery is encased in film. Lastly, gently roll up the cling film with your jewellery inside so it will be compact and tangle free for packing in a little box or pouch”. 

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