‘I’m a flight attendant and there’s one thing I always avoid before flying’

Flying can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s a long haul journey. Economy passengers usually have the least enjoyable plane experience.

However, luckily there are a few things passengers can do to improve their overall experience.

A flight attendant from Emirates has shared her top tips for long-haul flights. Cabin crew member, Sharlene Lowe, said there’s one thing she always avoids doing.

Sharlene said: “Avoid heavy meals before flying. Opt for light and easily digestible meals before you fly to prevent discomfort during the journey.”

A heavy meal could lead to indigestion and passengers might find they’re uncomfortable during the flight. Passengers could pack small snacks to eat during their journey.

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Sharlene added: “I would also recommend limiting your caffeine consumption to maintain hydration and sleep quality.”

It might be tempting to grab an airport coffee before an early morning flight. However, it could leave passengers feeling dehydrated.

For the same reason, it’s a good idea to avoid alcohol before a flight as it could cause people to feel unwell.

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While economy passengers aren’t always able to choose their own seat, checking in early can help travellers secure their ideal spot.

Sharlene said: “I prefer having a window seat so I can rest my head against it to get a better sleep.

“However, I know others who prefer sitting by the aisle so they can easily get up and move around the plane without disturbing the passengers around them.”

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She added: “I would suggest wearing loose, breathable fabrics and bringing a couple of extra layers of clothes with you.

“Sometimes the aircraft temperature can be slightly colder or warmer than you expect, so it’s best to be prepared for changing temperatures to ensure your comfort throughout the journey.”

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