‘I’m a flight attendant – I pack gadgets for loud hotels so I don’t miss sleep’

A flight attendant has revealed her number one must pack item for when she’s going on holiday. Of course, cabin crew members fly away so often that they usually have more experience in hotels then even the biggest travel fan.

One such flight attendant claims her favourite holiday must have can help you to sleep when staying in noisy hotels. Plus, she claims that it’s also very helpful for getting children off to sleep when they may be struggling with the new environment.

Tinsley Cecil, a flight attendant and mum, posted on TikTok, @tinsleycecil, to share the clever item. She said in the caption that she is "literally using it at [her] hotel now" – and revealed that it was a portable sound machine.

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The cabin crew member said: "I’m a flight attendant and I’m on a layover in Honolulu right now and I am at the loudest hotel of my life so I wanted to show you something I always carry in my suitcase for those loud hotels." Nobody wants their holiday ruined by being kept up at night by noise – whether that’s street traffic, party goers or storms so this item could be helpful.

She continued: "This is a tiny little sound machine. I’m not sure if it’s marketed for babies or not. Now that I’m looking at it it kind of looks like it might be. But, it’s the best thing because it doesn’t take up much space in my bag at all and it’s really loud."

Tinsley went on to show her favourite sounds which are included in the machine, with various white noises including a fan, ocean waves or air conditioning unit. White noise can mask outside noises that are more disruptive and can help you to relax and stop thinking too much before bed. The long, low sound can stop you from noticing loud, sharp or sudden sounds from outside of your room.

Tinsley added: "You can [play] it really loud and it’s rechargeable – so I plug it in next to my bed, but the charge does last at least two nights because I’ve used it two days in a row without charging it before."

She also noted that its portable size was a major plus and showed that it was smaller than the palm of her hand. The mum said: "Look at how tiny it is. It does not take up much space and it is a must have. Like I said I can’t remember if it’s marketed for babies or not but it does work for kids too. I used it with my two sons and they were fine with this one too. But, even if it’s marketed for babies if you travel a lot and you like a sound machine try this one."

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