‘I’m a plane expert – avoiding airplane mode on flights isn’t worth the trouble’

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  • When you're on a plane for a while there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself entertained. Reading, watching films and reading magazines are all popular – but some folks resent the lack of Internet.

    Now that many of us spend our free time on TikTok and Instagram it can be frustrating being unable to access the web. However, for a few hours most of us suck it up and enjoy the digital detox.

    Flight attendants will even remind you to turn your devices onto airplane mode before take off. Some Brits however believe that if you don't do this you're putting the whole plane at risk of disaster – but how true is that?

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    Rosie Panter, travel expert from the UK’s trusted travel price comparison site, dealchecker, spoke to Daily Star to explain the myths around using a phone on a plane. Many people think turning off airplane mode on your phone can make the plane malfunction, But Rosie says this is a myth.

    She commented: "Contrary to popular belief, turning off airplane mode on your phone does little to affect the plane. When you are at cruising altitude, which is between 33,000-42,000ft, your phone will try to 'ping' off multiple telephone masts at the same time, which can cause interference with signals sent from the plane.

    "To the pilot, this may sound like feedback from a speaker and microphone, which isn’t dangerous per se, just annoying. Even off airplane mode, you are unlikely to get a reliable connection, so it isn’t worth the trouble. We’d suggest downloading your films beforehand, or posting that one final Story to Instagram before the seat belt sign comes on!"

    For those who are desperate to use the web or call a family member there are some airlines that now sell Wi-Fi on board. You should always keep your mobile data switched off while using the internet on the plane though.

    Unfortunately, some flight attendants are concerned at the use of 5G and Wi-Fi on planes. Emma Taylor, who has worked as cabin crew for Ryanair for five months, posts about her adventures at 35,000ft on Instagram, @emmamtaylorr.

    She said: "I think the 5G is incredibly dangerous and I don’t think it’s a great thing at all to be honest! We already know phones and the signal can interrupt the signals in the flight deck and communications between them and anyone on ground which is important because what if there was an emergency!

    "I also feel like if an emergency was to occur people would then resort to ringing family and friends and this would affect us even more with being able to get help. I think it should stay the way it is and everyone’s devices should stay on airplane mode."

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