Influencer poses in bikini on beach – but people spot awkward man in backdrop

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    Social media users have been left in fits of giggles after a bloke was spotted in the background of an influencer’s photoshoot.

    The anonymous brunette beauty was filmed posing for a cameraman on the sunny beach while on holiday.

    We all want to get the best photos from our trips abroad and the stunning lass was no different.

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    Wearing a red thong bikini and surrounded by white sand and the blue waves she pointed her booty at the camera and flipped her hair around for the perfect snap.

    But, while the woman was looking cool as a cucumber in her shades one beachgoer was noticed in the background by viewers.

    An older man stood in the water with the waves crashing around him looking at the influencer as she posed.

    He appeared to watch patiently as she got her perfect photo.

    The funny video was uploaded on the Instagram page @influencerinthewild where hundreds of people commented and over 18,000 users liked the clip.

    The video was captioned: “Can we help you sir.”

    In response people joked about the situation.

    One person said: “He’s been influenced.”

    “Based on the landscape and her lack of a dam to be given, there’s a 562% chance this was taken in Rio de Janeiro,” added another.

    A third noted: “It’s a free show, that’s what I’m seeing.’

    But, others found the situation uncomfortable.

    One woman said: “Ugh I’d hate that.”

    And, some thought the bloke was simply trying not to get in the way.

    They said: “Seems like he's just trying to wait until the guy's done talking the video.

    “Doesn't want to photobomb the background.”

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