‘It is a must’: Flight attendant’s ‘lifesaver’ for sore ears – ‘everybody should have it’

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Flight attendant Cici posts her travel expertise to her TikTok account cici_inthesky, where she boasts over 30k followers. The air steward specialises in insider travel tips, like this one to help with sore ears. She asked: “Do you fly on an aeroplane?

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“This is a product that everybody should have in their bag with them at all times, so that if they need it, or if their children need it, if anybody needs it, they’ve got it.

“It is a lifesaver. This is the Eustachi.

“You can get it at CVS and it’s very simple to use.”

The Eustachi is a product that claims to treat clogged ears naturally. The product uses air to clear the ears, relieving them when travelling and Cici swears by it.

She went on: “If you have Eustachian tube dysfunction, or your ears are just not popping for whatever reason, maybe you have some sinus things going on or your children have some sinus things going on.

@cici_inthesky Another product recommendation from a flight attendant.Go to CVS website for more details #cvs #flightattendanthacks #travelwithkids #airplanehack #travelproducts ♬ original sound – CICi

“I hear kids screaming on the plane because their ears are not popping.

“All you do is you hold one side of the nostril, press the button, you swallow at the same time and it completely clears your ears.”

Why do ears pop on planes?

Ears pop on places because of the rapidly changing air pressure when we fly.

This affects a tube in the ear called the Eustachian tube, which is what regulates the air pressure in the ears.

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When pressure changes quickly, it takes some time for the tube to respond which is what can cause strange feelings and popping in the ear when flying.

Swallowing and yawning can help, as can – according to some – sucking on sweets.

It is more likely you will experience these symptoms, often known as “aeroplace ear” if you are also grappling with a common cold, a sinus infection, hay fever, or an ear infection.

Children and infants struggle with areoplane ear more because their ears are small.

Cici said the product is used by experts across the air travel industry.

She said: “(Eustachi) has saved me because I’m a flight attendant.

“Pilots and so many other people use a product like this to help when their ears are not draining properly or they’re inflamed, maybe from a cold or something.

“It is a must. I’m not sponsored by the product, I just love it.”

The product can be purchased at Lloyds Pharmacy for £49.99, or on Amazon.

How to prevent ear pain while flying

Try to treat allergy symptoms

Allergies can play havoc with the ars before you even fly, making it even more uncomfortable in the ear.

Take some allergy relief medication regularly before you fly to ease this.

Yawn and swallow

If you are feeling ear discomfort during the flight, try yawning and swallowing to relieve it.

Stay awake for take-off and landing

Sleeping through take-off and landing means you can’t take any steps – like yawning and swallowing – to adjust your ears.

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